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Pittsburgh Penguins 2008-2009 Season Tribute: Part 2: Clubbed To Death

First off, I apologize for the quality. I promise this is the only one with this kind of quality. This is only the 2nd year of me recording the entire season. It's still hard to anticipate what I will want at the end of a year, and I don't have the storage to keep everything. I never dreamed I'd make a video showing the opponents scoring goals, and so I never wanted to run up my hard drive with their good plays. Hence, the lower quality to save storage space. Plus, who wants to spend a ton of time and energy getting highlights when your team loses leads in the 3rd period, gets blown out by Toronto, etc. But it had to be done. Why? This was a big part of the Penguins season. This is where you find the true fans. The fans who aren't jumping down the Pens throat to trade Crosby or Fleury or some other junk. Fans who stick by their team and trust that they will do what's right. Fans who wait outside in the freezing rain in 33 degree weather for 5 hours to get a $20 dollar ticket, even though the team has just lost several games in a row. And it makes the run to the Cup that much sweeter, knowing that the Pens were this close to missing the playoffs. This close to having a horrible season after coming 2 games within the Cup the year before. So, you may not enjoy this video very much, but it's going to make the next parts that much better. The song is Clubbed to Death...which is (nearly) what the Pens were through this time. ALL FOOTAGE COPYRIGHT OF THE NHL!!! Thanks for ...

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins 2008-2009 Season Tribute: Part 2: Clubbed To Death”

  1. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @HeroicTyrant how is it that when a player other than crosby pulls the other players jersey over their head and beats em its a good fight or they “beat the shit outta them” but when crosby does it its a pussy move? go fuck yourself dude

  2. xXleafletXx says:

    Nice song pic, playoffs weren’t even found in dreams at that point of the year. Nice vid though!

  3. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    i was so sad o feb 14 where pens lost to leafs 6-2.

    but now woooo pens rule

    go pens

  4. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    fk ovechkin hes such a chicken he can’t even fight.

    Crosby and Malkin can fight and score goals

  5. DrtTrckr11 says:

    It was all worth it in the end

  6. Neluril says:

    I can’t remember ever being this sad when watching a YouTube video… :(

  7. alexanderovechkin87 says:

    at 1:27 i was at that game december 20th

  8. fm0usppl4 says:

    u gotta see it all…like….par 1..

  9. ThePens8711 says:

    wat agreatdayforhockey is saying is correct…

  10. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    Did you read the description?

    This was a big part of our season. I’d rather face it instead of make highlight videos that ignore about 3 months of the season. It makes parts 3 and 4 that much better.

  11. hockeyownzsoccer says:

    what the **** is this BS? this isnt a pens tribute

  12. canadarock1 says:

    ya ur right that is not a fight

  13. MrPensfan71 says:

    at least crosby can drop his gloves and fight and ovenchkin sits there and watch.

  14. grimetime55 says:

    most players said so?

    meaning the guy he fought, and apparently you?

    it wasn’t a staged enforcer fight, because neither of the two are enforcers. it’s not the first time it’s ever happened and it certainly won’t be the last, but because its crosby its over-magnified by his critics and the insults pour in

    crosby asked him to go and he obliged, apparently not taking him serious enough

    if ovechkin does that, he’s a leader, a captain, a hero and the greatest player in the league “BY FAR!!!!”

  15. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    The point was to highlight his (and the team’s) frustration, not his fighting ability.

  16. HeroicTyrant says:

    wow, how can you even call what crosby did a 2:05 a fight? that was a big pussy move and most players in the league said so….That was a joke

  17. niksisero says:

    cvati doktore

  18. PittsburghSteelersTS says:

    guess who won the cup!
    GO Steelers
    Go Penguins
    Go Pirates
    Go Notre Dame
    God Bless Pittsburgh and South Bend,IN

  19. steelcity51 says:

    It was Therrian’s fault the penguins were like that on the first half, if they didnt fire him when they did, they wouldnt have the cup in pitt right now

  20. buccofan27 says:

    i was at that washington game at 6:00….fuckin awful

  21. Christato says:

    Seems like good quality to me!

    Great video!

  22. PerogieBoy714 says:

    as a true pens fan i have to say. the crosby fight at 2:00 was bull. crosby didnt even ask. but yet another amazing video. thanks

  23. Error1355 says:

    Keep up the great work dude. Seriously amazing work comes out of your channel. =P

  24. XxPenguinsFan87xX says:

    that 7-3 loss against toronto was heartbreaking
    and crosby was so frustrated in that 6-1 loss vs florida good fight though

  25. sidneycrosby87MVP says:

    You put highlights of only games they lost. I would like to say there is no reason you should of had to put most of these videos up if it wasnt for Therrien. He took the Penguins as far as they would go and nobody liked his philosophy- play defense then take the puck down and try to score and if not get back to defense-thats why they lost so much in the middle part of the season. Plus i agree with your description they shouldnt of gotten blown out to Toronto, i think it was 7-3, AT HOME.

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