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Pittsburgh Penguins 2007-2008: Hits and Fights

Watch in high quality if possible, although for this one it doesn't matter as much since you usually don't have to track the puck around. I think this is my favorite video of the 4 I'm doing. I've had this idea since midway through the season, including the song. The song is For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica. COPYRIGHT: NHL; they have thankfully allowed my hockey videos to remain on youtube with ads.

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins 2007-2008: Hits and Fights”

  1. MrSouthphillyitalian says:

    These faggots cant fight lol

  2. birdkiller776 says:

    great vid the music aligns with it so well great job

  3. gypsyee69 says:


    Dont worry about it man..this guys either a flyers fan, or is still wondering how long it will take Ove to get a ring..these people only make comments out of the frustration they have in their team sucking so badly.

  4. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:


    Guess what? You are also CONTINUING to reply to teg201, and I “predicted you would like a puppet and you have”.

    Sound familiar? Oh wait, and what about declaring victory again? Didn’t you say that was childish? “you lose big boy”. Damn, “you are way to much of a hypocrite to take you honestly”. It’s “too much” as well. Still failing at spelling I see.

    There’s only one person that needs to “SHUT THE FUCK UP”, and it’s you. Thankfully, I have the ability to shut you up.

  5. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 and are way to much of a hypocrite to take you talk about arguing for something with meaning and you are still commenting on my replies and guess what? you will CONTINUE to comment on my replies, which is completely negating your argument of arguing for “something that matters”…

    if you truly believe in arguing about something that matters..SHUT THE FUCK UP cus this dont..just lose big boy

    look forward to your reply STRESSING your point

  6. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 and being a fan of something means you are apart of it, the Philadelphia Flyers depend on fans like me and thousands others to support them to pay for their salaries and in a way, if we are the reason they are a team, we deserve to feel that we are apart of the competition, not the physical concept of competition, but DEFINITELY the psychological factor of competition..

  7. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 and if i am getting that attention from you what does that say about you? i predicted you would reply like a puppet and you have..

    i dont care about arguing over what matters, what matters to one person may not to another…you can not tell someone as a FACT what matters to warming and saving the trees is not what matters to me, sports matter to me…and i speak as if i am in the competition because i play 4 sports? just saying

  8. teg201 says:

    @MrHannan1992 There are so many things wrong with what you are saying. You speak of “COMPETITION” as if you were a part of it, which was exactly my point. You can barely even write coherently, yet you speak with a condescension that invites hostility. I have yet so “side” with anyone. All I am saying is that if you are going to “argue” with someone, then you should argue over something that matters and in a way that is objective. You’re just “arguing” for the sake of getting attention.

  9. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 it is adorable how you assume i sit in watching HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY all day and malkin getting dropped was happiest moment of my life..get a grip..i smiled, thats it

    and if i am bickering childishly, why are you listening, truthfully, if a true little kid came up to me bitching about unnecessary things, i IGNORE it like an adult, so clearly this isnt childish bickering because you are going to reply to these messages like a puppet, if your mature as hell, stop commenting..okay dear?

  10. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 argue about something that matters?…your a fucking loser, lets give that a try…what are your thoughts on global warming?…not as entertaining..sports are fun, shit talking another team is apart of the COMPETITION of the game..if you are going to be a little baby girl about it then go debate about whether Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid will get re elected, you have no place in hockey..

    and if your just a casual pens fan, then wtf are doing commenting??

  11. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 well this isnt childish bickering because he replied, the only reason you see it as childish bickering on my end is because you agree with the other you agreeing with him makes you see what i am doing as childish bickering..and you can not put a video on youtube expecting GOOD and BAD comments, there is a comment box for people to write what they like about a video and what they do not like..if you think videos are on youtube to not be commented on your retarded ( even bad)

  12. MrHannan1992 says:

    @AGreatDayForHockey87 i can let it go dad, im answering teg, stay out of it? or can you not let it go and you are just itching to get back involved? it was a month at rest and apparently i made baby teg upset so he wanted to say something to me, i am replying,, if you want to get involved try doing it in a more impact way..

  13. teg201 says:

    @MrHannan1992 Also, nice job trying to start another argument over a hockey game. “you guys are pro” Unlike you, I’m not living vicariously through some grown men who play a game for a living in order to make up for my own shortcomings. I watch hockey because it’s entertaining. I root for the Penguins because they support the community I live in. I really don’t care about “Malkin’s dumbass face” or how he got “DROPPED.” If you’re gonna argue, argue about something that actually matters.

  14. teg201 says:

    @MrHannan1992 Exactly, YOU commented on the video saying that you didn’t like it. My point is that no one cares what your petty reason is. You should have just moved on. Instead, you chose to whine about something for the sake of ruffling feathers so that someone would have to pay attention to you. I know what an argument is, and I chose to differentiate between an argument and the inconsequential, childish bickering you feel the need to post in order to prolong the dispute. Get over yourself.

  15. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:


    Still can’t let it go, can you? You are fighting a losing battle…

    I never asked why you didn’t like the video. That much was obvious as soon as you linked to Flyers stuff. I don’t know where you came up with that. All 3 responses are up top here. You actually didn’t answer any of my questions. I don’t expect you to though, so don’t worry.

  16. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 and as far as the testament to my life, i feel i dont need to prove to you whether or not i have a life, i know i do, regardless of whether or not i spend 3 to 4 minutes of a day replying to a message..thats the end of that discussion

    wasnt striving to change his mind, was explaining HIS question has to why i disliked his video

    oh but you writing paragraphs to me CLEARLY demonstrates you have a life, remember who started this ARGUMENT? you did, if you have a life, you will end it now..

  17. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 videos on youtube are meant to be watched, and commented on…i commented saying i didnt like the video, he wanted to know why..was just answering his question..

    and an argument is “an oral disagreement”..look it up

    me and runner had a disagreement about how videos are made, just like you and i are disagreeing

    so i dont know if that was your way of hinting an insult but it was a fail, me and him actually were having an argument…what a fail..

  18. teg201 says:

    Argument that happened? I don’t think it was really as much of an argument as it was you whining about something and someone letting you know that you’re not special and they don’t care what you think. If you don’t like it, then make your own video. It’s really a testament to how pathetic your life is that you insist on starting arguments with people on Youtube about how much you hate the Penguins. You’re not going to suddenly convince someone to change their mind.

  19. MrHannan1992 says:

    @teg201 you mean move on from an argument that happened a month ago?

    i think i already moved on but thank you for your kind words…why are pens fans so stupid? even the players are retarded, especially malkin with his dumbass look always on his face..he had that same look when carle DROPPED him last night…

    pens first game in new stadium, a loss to the flyers with a rookie goalie in net

    congrats you guys are pro

  20. teg201 says:

    Get a life. Like the video or not, he’s not gonna change it, or the title, just for you. I really don’t think anyone cares why you disliked the video. This isn’t the Toronto Film Festival. You’re not Ebert or Roeper. Move on.

  21. Runnerguy2489 says:


    Touched a nerve did I? Sorry you are so butt hurt over a video I uploaded over 2 years ago. If you want to see hatcher malone so bad go find it. Or better yet, make a video yourself.

    “i just watched a cote video”

    I’m not talking about some amateur video. Read again: “pre-game intro on the jumbotron”, you know, a video people get paid to put together. Some are only shown for a second just to show 1 punch of 1 fight, and are HIGHLIGHTS used to get the crowd pumped up.

  22. MrHannan1992 says:

    @Runnerguy2489 okay retard i was only mentioning the ENDING of your title, i am saying the ENDING of the title isnt “highlights” its “hits and fights” and last i checked..malone vs hatcher was a 2007-2008 fight, was it not??..if you titled it highlights i can understand showing only good things, but its the hits and fights of the year…idiot

    and i just watched a cote video because of his retirement and they finished the clips of his fighting..even if he got pulled down..practice editing kid

  23. Runnerguy2489 says:


    “those highlights arent being cut short”

    Yes, they are. In fact, most are cut to just a second or two. With a lot more video editing than I am doing.

    And that’s not what this video is called. Notice the Pittsburgh Penguins in front? I’m not obligated to show any winning punches or hits from any other team. If that makes you upset, too bad.

    You’re as bad as the people on this vid: RIQPDAn38MY

    Whining that I should have “made it fair” or “showed both sides”.

  24. MrHannan1992 says:

    @Runnerguy2489 yes but those highlights arent being cut short, if they show a highlight of cote, they finish the clip, down to them falling to the ice…and this video isnt called “penguins 2007-2008 highlights” its called “2007-2008 hits and fights”

    im just sayin the hatcher vs malone was in that year…

  25. Runnerguy2489 says:


    Reason 1: The music aligns with the clips, if you can’t tell. I had a strict amount of time to fit in all the clips I wanted.

    Reason 2: I’m a Pens fan. I’m showing this for Pens fans. Let me ask you, when you go to a game and watch the pre-game intro on the jumbotron before the players come out, do they show clips of the home team losing? Or getting beat? No, they pump you up with highlights of the home team winning and succeeding.

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