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Pittsburgh Penguins 1991 CBC Tribute

This tribute to the pittsburgh penguins was played following their 8-0 victory over the Minnesota Stars in 1991. Lemieux's and Pittsburgh first Stanley Cup.

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins 1991 CBC Tribute”

  1. StFidjnr says:

    can you upload that video on dailymotion

  2. OldfieldFan01 says:

    Kenny Rogers – When you put your heart in it

  3. thomasmoonman says:

    I remember coffey had his jaw broken on a shot to the face off of the stick of 66..hence the jaw sheild he was waeing in the clips

  4. tags714 says:

    Taglianetti haha

  5. goat6668 says:

    anyone ever realize how many italians played hockey through the 80s and early 90s, then they all seemed to disappear. carlo coliacovo is the last one, haha. not literally, but what a name

  6. thomasmoonman says:

    I was only 9 when this happened, remember it so clearly, nice to see Frank Peterangilo at 2:37…old school. Penguins Forever. 66 was the best

  7. TheoBrixtonTheKid says:

    yeah he was.

  8. hasablad69 says:

    And “your” illiterate.

  9. FatsoMcguccen says:

    your gay

  10. cobiaincooler says:

    Thanks for the memories! Those were some good times!

  11. crushedguy says:

    that teamed was stacked with offence…lemieux, francis, coffey, jagr, recchi, stevens i think joe mullen was on that team too wasn’t he?

  12. kylepat7 says:

    nice vid dude the ending is little blurry though mustang356 the soong is kennyrogers-put your heart in it

  13. mastertoine says:


  14. KaesoBrutus says:

    Nice post.

  15. mustang356 says:

    Who Is The Singer And Song

  16. abwvu1 says:

    I know! That song reeks of Munster cheese. Yuck.

  17. meignelson says:

    I am so effing pumped for the Cup!

  18. hasablad69 says:

    This song is gay.

  19. ckendall67 says:

    “The Twins are gonna win the World Series! The Twins have won it! It’s a base hit! It’s a 1-0, ten-inning victory!”

    -Jack Buck, announcing for CBS, calling it as the Twins dispatched Atlanta in Game 7 of the ’91 World Series…that oughta jog your memory for you Minny fans:-);-)

  20. aprilwinerocks says:

    face it people…this song captures the moment perfectly…”when you put your heaaaarrrt in it, it can take you anywhere…who’s to say that we can’t make it….it’s the same dream that we share…keep on believing……..” fucking awesome.

  21. aprilwinerocks says:


  22. TheUnused says:

    Memories…..Good times

  23. Forzaabruzzo says:

    Jesus. At least play something like “dream on” by Aerosmith or “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. This sounds like something straight out a Brooke Shields 80’s romance flick.

  24. Hiei2k7 says:

    the same Jon Casey who let up what is arguably my favorite Steve Yzerman goal of all time.

    OT in St Louis in 1996….Blue Line blast-SCORE! STEVE YZERMAN!!!! DETROIT WINS!!!!

  25. illuminatikiller84 says:

    This CBC video brings back so many memories. Greatest stanley cup champions ever. Oh and by the way, “smumed42″ this series didn’t go to game 7. The pens won the cup in game 6 in Minnesota

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