Pittsburgh Penguins 06/07: The Ride

Pre-playoff video of goals/saves. Songs: "Hands on the Wheel" - Oleander "Bleed America" - Jimmy Eat World

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins 06/07: The Ride”

  1. wwemario123 says:

    0:00 – 0:09 When isnt it a hockey night in pittsburgh?!

  2. codymo32791 says:

    Are you making one for this year?

  3. codymo32791 says:


  4. GoPensGo377 says:

    Awesome. That year was a ride, 2006/2007 was a great season 2007/2008 was a great playoff, 2008/2009 will be a great finish… Go pens!

  5. beardyssix says:

    it goes really good with the song man!

  6. crosbyland87 says:

    I love it!

  7. Potat0zilla says:

    :( I was looking forward to a new one too. That’s shitty. Oh well…I’ll just watch this one…alot. :p

  8. jlivenspire says:

    sorry guys.. little computer failure so i won’t ahve a video for this year.. crap.

  9. nek21063 says:

    that was one of the best highlight reels i have ever scene! go pens!

  10. SuperHenderson13 says:

    agreed on that

  11. drewcrew3117 says:

    i would suggest putting some hits and good fights in this year…

    great vids tho…keep ‘em comin

  12. jlivenspire says:

    I’m working on a new one for this year. Should be ready just in time for playoffs.

  13. fizzy0180 says:

    Dude, you have to make one of these for this year. Amazing.

  14. epmatty3 says:

    ugh! waaaaay too much Paul Steigerwald. That voice makes me cringe. Who’s idea was it to even hire that guy?

  15. SuperSonicSpeedTeam says:

    That was awesome! The Pens rock! I agreed with CoachWags87, it is only the beggining folks. We will grind them all into Ice Grinds when we skate on the ice! Woo!

  16. KandiLandComplex says:


  17. ozzdan21 says:

    this sick

  18. mallierose says:

    wow good vid….i neverr really notice how pretty the city looks

  19. Imtiki252 says:

    Im not much of a sports person, but that was good

  20. 77greentoad77 says:

    Crosby is awsome

  21. Efit21 says:

    4:20 the two goals after that are fucking nuts, i mean crosby isnt my favorite but i love the “kid”

  22. 8711penguins says:

    yes that is true. But it still is early in the season

  23. OKSIRYDOC says:

    so they one yesterday against the ducks

  24. 8711penguins says:

    nice video. 2 bad they r losing against Carolina 2day

  25. coachwags87 says:

    Thank God Hockey Season Is Back!!!!!!! This is only the BEGINNING PENS FANS!!!!!!!!

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