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Pittsburgh Penguin 08-09 Season Preview

A preview of what we all know will be.

10 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguin 08-09 Season Preview”

  1. lordovech says:

    yes they did whooooooooooooooooooo :D

  2. cowboyslaval2008 says:

    and they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. lordovech says:

    lets go penguins ! :D hope there gonne win the cup this season

  4. pdm5031 says:

    godard beatin some philly ass already… i love it

  5. kevin33331 says:

    make a florida panther video

  6. mdkosa says:

    If Fleury plays like he did in the playoffs, were deffinitly going back to the finals.

  7. WowSecretsRevealed says:

    man dude best grinder in the league (my opinion) plays to the limit every shift fun player to watch.

  8. Forzaabruzzo says:

    I heard he was a huge fan favorite in Vancouver. I’ve only seen the guy play a handful of time, but from what I have seen I can tell you that I like what the guy has to offer. I was definitely happy as hell when I heard the Pens got him.

  9. Forzaabruzzo says:

    Satan, Fedotenko, and Cooke….WELCOME TO THE BURGH! LETS GO PENS!

  10. freedombikerz says:

    gonna miss cooke in a canuck jersey.

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