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Petrovicky vs Newbury Hockey KO

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19 Responses to “Petrovicky vs Newbury Hockey KO”

  1. durhamdf says:


  2. bmit989 says:

    and that game there coach got hit in the face with a puck.

  3. NiggaTubeDotCom says:

    give that man a raise!

  4. Fredy216B says:


  5. wobert11 says:

    newbury cant fight at all i was laughin so ahrd when i watcdhed this

  6. CyanideStudios says:

    wow, tough dude

  7. malonerr69 says:

    rare time to fight? its 5-5 with 6 minutes to go thats the ultimate momentum for your team to win a fight, haha i guess thats why the leafs suck !

  8. Jasonagf says:

    only tucker and (was) domi fight on that team, everyone else should just keep the gloves on and not even think abour fighting…. idiot… lol

  9. zemlik says:

    ronaaald :D:D:D niceee svkskill! Newbury go home

  10. zemlik says:

    ronaaaald :D:D:D najs , svk skill

  11. syKkid says:


  12. eddstr says:

    Read this.
    There are 20 angels in this world.
    10 are sleeping.
    9 are playing.
    1 is reading this post.

    Put this on 4 other video comments within the next 15 minutes.
    If you do, someone you love will suprise you somehow.
    If you don’t, you shall lose your dear beloved. =(
    i’m sorry but this really did work i swear & i never swear

  13. chrille77 says:

    Has he waken up yet????

  14. calgaryrox5139 says:

    eday ill kill u chris newbury is my bro u ass hole

  15. eday2010 says:

    Leafs are fucking fags. Newbury proves it here.

  16. kwmaker says:

    Penguins are a force to be reconed with

  17. djToRMeNTeD says:

    thank you captain obvious

  18. matt8191 says:

    newbury got knocked out

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