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Penguins Highlights – January 29, 2010 vs. Hershey

The Penguins battle back, but come up short against Hershey

13 Responses to “Penguins Highlights – January 29, 2010 vs. Hershey”

  1. IanLoewen says:

    Man, I hope so too. I am not sure hearing that Bridgeport and Providence could snatch it if they are higher in points (from what I heard, the 5th highest team in the other division can snatch it if they are higher in points than the fourth highest in this division is).

  2. sangofsorrow says:

    I really hope so, too. I don’t doubt we’ll see at least the first round. And how about that trade? I miss Luca!

  3. IanLoewen says:

    just curious, do you think WBS will make the playoffs this year? I hope they do.

  4. IanLoewen says:

    I thought the top four from each division made it to the playoffs.

  5. IanLoewen says:

    but you can. If you are ever in the Northeast part of PA, come to Wilkes-Barre sometime. Also, you can get it on AHLLive. Just click the game that the Penguins are playing.

  6. sangofsorrow says:

    “Wake Up”.. please. You get down there and do it, ya old bag! lol

  7. IanLoewen says:

    Right. I remember going to a game earlier and there was an old lady sitting in front of me. They scored on Curry (he could do nothing as both of the defensemen accidently knocked each other down). She was like “Curry, wake up!” I felt like mocking her.

  8. GhostWalker40 says:

    Thanks! I’m all the way in South Florida, so I can’t make any games

  9. sangofsorrow says:

    Curry’s definitely not playing as well as he could be, but the fans at that game were terrible. Cheered when he finally was pulled. I was livid. They all sing his praises when he makes 30-some saves a game, but turn around and act that way when he’s in a slump. Didn’t like it one bit. I was yelling at people for that. :P

  10. sangofsorrow says:

    Come on over to Wilkes-Barre and check ‘em out sometime! I love your channel, btw. :)

  11. IanLoewen says:

    I like both teams. I am just curious of what happened to Curry? He’s been playing lousy lately.

  12. GhostWalker40 says:

    Wish I could watch these games!

  13. sangofsorrow says:

    A loss is always disappointing, but this game was awesome. I had Curry’s back the whole time, too. Just sayin’.

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