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Penguins game worn jerseys 06-07 (2)

The Penguins give the jerseys off their backs for the best fans in hockey

10 Responses to “Penguins game worn jerseys 06-07 (2)”

  1. xboxplaya420 says:

    i am so jealous

  2. ArabianLover11 says:

    I am going to the game today againtst the los angeles kings they suck!!! I wish I was that kid who met Crosby!!!

  3. chakes89 says:

    I hate every single person that got a jersey

  4. GotKovalev says:

    You have to be a season ticket holder to get to do this?

  5. ocpensfan says:

    I think a lot of NHL teams are doing this now after their final home game. Great to see how NHL players interact with the fans. Thanks for posting this. Center Ice cuts off after the game is over so I didn’t get to see it.

  6. Boogaardfan24 says:

    Minnesota did this too last year

  7. soupnazi45 says:

    No your both wrong! what they do is pass out scratch off cards to every fan before the game with various prizes on it. If your scratch off card has SHIRT OFF THERE BACK you get a jersey!!

  8. Cambria30 says:

    the little kid that gets malkin’s jersey is so cute. and malkin is so cute with the kid too.

  9. malkincrosbystaal781 says:

    I’m SO incredibly jealous of all those people

  10. brenglen says:

    no no to the SEASON ticket holders.

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