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Penguins game worn jerseys 06-07 (1)

The Penguins give the jerseys off their backs for the best fans in hockey

6 Responses to “Penguins game worn jerseys 06-07 (1)”

  1. soupnazi45 says:

    The PENS are the best team EVER!!!! BRING HOME THE CUP NEXT SEASON!!!! LET’S GO PENS!!!! LETS GO PENS!!!!

  2. oXxcorinnexXo says:

    I would TOTALLY DIE if Jordan Staal gave me his jersey!!
    God that I love HIM!! <3

  3. superstar16602 says:

    things like that are why the penguins have the greatest fans in hockey

  4. cheche0807 says:

    YA ARMY!!!

  5. nini06081989 says:

    You don’t know how much I appreciate thoses videos, I live in Montreal,Canada so I can’t go games and I don’t own a channel that brodcast Pens games, Thanks you

  6. lostcanuck says:

    Love Colby Armstrong’s moonwalk!!

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