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Patrick Kane – Stanley Cup Winning Goal [6/9/2010]

Patrick Kanes OT Overtime goal and Blackhawks wins it in ot 4-3. Good job hawks finally they have won the cup for a long time ago. Jonathan Towes hoists the stanley cup and finally marian hossa has done it too

25 Responses to “Patrick Kane – Stanley Cup Winning Goal [6/9/2010]”

  1. jazzguitar2010 says:

    Most anticlimactic playoff goal ever.

  2. jazzguitar2010 says:

    @nfwvideo And Philly was also predominantly Canadian. Most Stanley Cup winners are loaded with at least 1/2 Canadians, and usually more. The Islander dynasty, Oiler dynasty, etc., were about 80% Canadian, and most winners since have been loaded with Canadian talent. The reason they play for American cities is just economics and business.

  3. colbyh3 says:

    @nfwvideo almost the entire team of chicago are canadian retard, just because its a american team doesnt mean its all americans. research this shit before you go and say stupid shit

  4. SMG2fanatic says:

    That is now the worst nhl playoff goal in history. But i’m so glad it went in! GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!

  5. Janine414 says:

    that waz fluke

  6. MrHockeygoalie787 says:

    @nfwvideo Because bad american teams take the best Canadian players. Plus, there’s a dramatic drop in pressure down in the states because the US sports market is dominated by football, baseball and basketball. So if a player wants to develop well enough, their best bet is to go to the states. Hockey is the Canadian pass time so the players in Canada are under the pressure cooker.


    that was one of the weirdest cup winners of all time it would of been better if everyone knew it was in

  8. progamerxt says:

    It wouldnt surprise me if nemmi left as of the rest of the team has…

  9. mrflopper23 says:

    @weiser345 tell that to the 2 million that went to the parade dumbass

  10. nfwvideo says:

    @K1LL3RFLY than how come a canadian team didnt win the stanley cup? loosers haha

  11. tslabjr7 says:

    ah i knew this was comming! the flyers diserved it! but the cinderalla storey never happens! same can be said for the cardinals in the superbowl last year! they trully diserved it also! any underdog that comes back time after time again diserves to win!

  12. nhlflyers48 says:


  13. Infern0Spartan says:


  14. cubsrul0607 says:

    DUDE, SICK VIDEO, im from Chicago and kanes my favorite player in the NHL so when i saw him shoot tht i knew it was in!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways nice video!!!!!!!!! GOOOO BLACKHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. cubsrul0607 says:

    hey guess what!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! your just mad because you know that theyr bettr than you so suck on tht u descusting fuckface!!!!!!!!!!! And one more thing, HAHAHAHA HAWKS ALLLL THE WAY BITCH, SUCK ON THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhh ya, and how will anyone lick ur scrotum if all you have is empty space in between your legs!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA ASSHOLE!!!!!!!

  16. Skinnyd4 says:

    Well, they beat us. They earned it.
    Congratulations, Hawks.

  17. activeartist says:

    @weiser345 LMAO!!!! The Blackhawks don’t play right?! You mean they won the Stanley Cup by playing wrong? Immature comments like yours are the reason little kids shouldn’t be allowed to speak. Real hockey? The Hawks are one of the “original 6″, or don’t you know what that is?

  18. systematic11 says:

    Whew. Another season gone by … and again, the cup is won by the right team.

  19. systematic11 says:

    @tobats2 That was my reaction too. Well, techinically, I SWORE I saw it go in, but couldn’t see who had it since they didn’t call the goal .. then the next thing I knew, the Hawks were RIGHTFULLY celebrating.

  20. systematic11 says:

    @weiser345 1. Learn to spell. 2. They have a nice big 35 pound silver cup. You don’t. Go be a moron somewhere else.

  21. mfrick09 says:

    @weiser345 aahhhhh jeez another hater who can’t come to the realization that the Blackhawks are Stanley Cup CHAMPS!!!!!!!

  22. weiser345 says:

    Black hawks can kiss my dam ass no one likes them they r all short little midgets and dnt play right you wanna see REAL hockey then dnt watch the Black Frawds i mean Hawks… BlackHawks… lick the understide of my scrotum!!!!

  23. kub73158 says:

    Sneaky & subtle goal. Kane is so quick.
    Then he makes a bee-line to Niemi.

    Great team that hopefully remains for next season.

  24. PanterA7454 says:

    @K1LL3RFLY Fuck you u canadian piece of shit. fuck canada.

  25. blondebaby17 says:

    @systematic11 Agreed. :)

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