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Part 7 // Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup DVD

Part 7 of the Pens championship movie. ENJOY!!! *NO COPYWRITE INFRINGMENT INTENDED*

25 Responses to “Part 7 // Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup DVD”

  1. staxthebax says:

    detroit is sucks God loves penguins and sid the kid crosby

  2. DrtTrckr11 says:

    @RedWingsFan2010 Wow, your a biased fag.

  3. PITTSBURGHESE86 says:

    Honestly, both of you need to quit arguing. You’re both acting like 3 year old babies. It’s a silly little game and your teams split championships against each other. Stop whining, both teams are great and respectable organizations.

  4. cornball918 says:

    wing fans booed during the entire cup ceremony~ in 2008, the penguin fans did not!
    classy, that total BS!

  5. themillionsofpeople1 says:

    “we were ready to run through a wall after that” hah billy im gonna miss him

  6. pittpensgirls says:

    @RedWingsFan2010 WTF? your really gonna try & sit here & say how Sid felt? where you there? did you talk to him? didn’t think so. You’re a joke, he’s obviously good or he wouldn’t have a Stanley Cup ring or a Gold Medal. Therefore you have no valid arguments if you want to continue talking shit be my guest & amuse me with your lack of respect and hockey knowledge.

  7. pittpensgirls says:

    @RedWingsFan2010 I’m sorry didn’t realize your team made it past the 2nd round either. If your not a Pens fans GTFO. Why do you even waste your time watching videos of them? Is your life really that boring.
    I hate to break it to you but your city is dying, I know someone that was in town for a game this past season. They said everything was closed. Where the fuck do you work? on the corner?

  8. RedWingsFan2010 says:

    @sidneycrosbyfan1000 he wasn’t hurt he is the biggest pussy in hockey.. he was fine.. he is scared of the wings… some Captain the pens have.. fucking pussy.

  9. RedWingsFan2010 says:

    @xAxiom720x hahaha.. dying city?? fag.. i work in the city.. an doing pretty good.. pry make more money than you… and the wings are not dying.. .there getting stronger.. you only wish they were dying..


  10. RedWingsFan2010 says:

    the only thing that bothers me is people say crosby was the story of the finals that year.. well what did he do??????????? lol ..really?

    he didnt play the 3rd in game 7 cause “his knee hurt”

    Talbot was the man of the finals…

  11. rahulwwepatel says:

    Talbot was that game

  12. xAxiom720x says:

    hey, colorado kicks ass, they were doing better than the pens too at one point in the season.

  13. koltsov71 says:

    Franzen is a bit reckless.

  14. HardyExtremeEnigma says:

    i wow the reserve goalie doesn’t look happy 3:28

  15. 8711pens29fan2571 says:

    colorado is doing better than you are, that’s sad

  16. 8711pens29fan2571 says:

    pens: 12-3-0
    wings: 6-4-3

  17. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    sid was brave to get of the ice and came back.

  18. dechm4af says:


  19. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    go pens

  20. napoleon2893 says:

    max talbot the gamer

  21. midnighstar says:

    as a Pens fan I seriously look forward to that!

  22. StarAKS10 says:

    I don’t think I can take another Stanley Cup Final with Detroit and Pittsburgh. Time for another team please!

  23. noticemex33 says:

    Best of 3? Hell, I’ll take it.
    I think the rest of the fanbases are sick of Det/Pit HAHA.

  24. Sommerville72x says:

    nice, dying city ill give u, but ur crazy if u think the wings are.

  25. xAxiom720x says:

    fuck the wings
    enjoy your dying team as well as your dying city.

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