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Part 1 // Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup DVD

Part 1 of the Pens championship movie. ENJOY!!! *NO COPYWRITE INFRINGMENT INTENDED*

25 Responses to “Part 1 // Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup DVD”

  1. OGPATRIOT05 says:

    Anybody know what song is playing during the dvd menu?

  2. hfxmh1 says:

    Hossa won a stanley cup with the blackhawks this year. he didn’t win last year because he and the red wings faced the penguins 2 years in a row.

  3. FevrGuy says:

    @Lwojcik77 Its funny, cause we tried to resign him, he just declined and went elsewhere.

  4. eugena228 says:

    they have come a long hard way, definitely deserve it

  5. RedWingsFan2010 says:

    @pittpensgirls hahahahha… yeah i’d like to see hossa in the finals again and lose.. hahahahha!!

  6. Lwojcik77 says:

    @sidneycrosbyfan1000 lol well i would like to see my wings in the finals again lol but yea that would be soo great if chicago did make it to the finals and hossa lost again… chicago would probably get rid of him hahah

  7. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    @Lwojcik77 it would be amazing if hossa makes in the final with the hawks (again)
    and lose

  8. Lwojcik77 says:

    @pittpensgirls lol yea..if he did go to the finals…i would laugh soo fucking hard if he lost again

  9. pittpensgirls says:

    @Lwojcik77 Yeah, I’ll pretty much laugh if the hawks go to the finals & lose. Even more proof that he is bad luck. First with us then with you & then the Olympics. LOL.

  10. Lwojcik77 says:

    I’m a wings fan… And I love watching these vids… I have all the wings Stanley cup campionship vids and I watch them all the time and I get chills.. And man I was lookin forward to gettin another one.. But Pitt beat us.. And man it sucks watching your team lose.. I know how it feels now…. This is a good vid And this is random but I fuckin hated Marian hossa lol He didn’t do shit for us….now I know y u guys didn’t sign him

  11. SCrosby87fan says:

    i wish i can put this on my i touch

  12. SarahLee1 says:

    Lmao the leafs actually beat the penguins!!

  13. LOKISlog7 says:

    The BEST DVD EVER!!!!

  14. selannetheduck says:

    Still gives me chills, what a great run. Love you ‘burgh.

  15. searaven35 says:


  16. Slegnirp says:

    Gonchar is awesome.

  17. SearchingYT says:

    reupload this with better framerate please. I have a good dvd ripper. ill fucking help you.

  18. lilyflower2004 says:

    the pedialyte at 2:13 just cracks me up…lol

  19. SuperHenderson13 says:

    hmmm i felt bad for therrein, he did so much to help our team turn the corner and he doesnt get reconized for helping the team win the cup… i thought he deserved to get his name on the cup

  20. itchyhole says:

    fuckin “a” couldnt of said it better brotha

  21. mgs4853 says:

    it was painful to see the redwings raise the cup at the mellon arena, then hossa leaves to go to the redwings, im sure all pens fans will agree with me when i say damn it felt good to see the cup raised by the pens at the joe in front of all their fans and hossa!

  22. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    go pens

  23. noticemex33 says:

    I thought it sounded familiar, haha!

  24. PlayMyJonasMusic says:

    Oh gosh, it’s the Crosby: On The Ice and Beyond music… The NHL needs a new composer. :):)

  25. ILoveJonasBronas says:

    get dan bylsma in there already lmfao

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