Opening Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Video! Against the Capitals!

Pittsburgh Penguin's Opening montage against the Washington Capitals in the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs! Pens win!!

4 Responses to “Opening Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Video! Against the Capitals!”

  1. captainjack8787 says:

    Anyone know what song plays immediately after Sidney’s quote and they are going through the line-up?

  2. pensfan877 says:

    i was at this game. LETS GO PENS!

  3. soupnazi45 says:

    these videos seriously make me shake with the Building!!! i can’t wait to see the opening playoff montage in the Consol!

  4. MaaSrii says:

    ”You just expect it of Yourself not to give up or give in , and you expect the guy sitting next to you to expect the same… Thats’us”

    Sidney Crosby

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