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One Last Time – 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Playoffs

Subscribe and check out our channel for Steelers and Pens songs.......Woooooo! Well the Igloo might be going away But the Consol Energy Center is here to stay Theres lots of hockey thats been played under this roof Plenty of history and talent has past through The Great One he was number 66 And we had Jagr playing with illegal curves on his sticks And we had Tom Barrasso standing between the pipes And theres nothing like Pittsburgh on a hockey night ------ So lets.. Raise The Cup one more time One more time at the Igloo Raise The Cup one more time One more time at the Igloo ------ Here we are and its 2010 And its time for Penguins playoff hockey yet again Well it feels so familiar like we were just here Well maybe the because we won the cup last year We got number 9 Pascal Dupuis And we got Superstar Talbot sayin "Chicka Chee" And Malkin, he was last years playoff MVP Gotta look out for that poke check comin from Fleury And Brooks Orpik's handing out Free Candy While Gonchar's at the blue line lookin for the screen But dont forget our captain Sid Crosby Everybody knows hes better than that fuck Ovie So wear your pens sweaters Black, powder blue, or white Cuz theres nothin like Pittsburgh on a hockey night ------ So lets.. Raise The Cup one more time One more time at the Igloo Raise The Cup one more time One more time at the Igloo ------ Tyler Kennedy is 48 And if we won The Stanley Cup that would just be great Because I wanna win The Stanley Cup And sip champagne with ...

17 Responses to “One Last Time – 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Playoffs”

  1. tljamesfan says:

    hahaha great video LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thedarkphire33 says:

    Whhhaaaaa!!! Damn you Habs!!!! But great song!!!

  3. SidneyCrosbyfan8727 says:

    awsome vid:D Lets GO PENS<3

  4. silverkiwi113 says:

    haha this is so funny!! the last 5 seconds are definitely the funniest, though!!

  5. DeeCrosby87 says:


  6. CCamaroteFC says:

    I think I speak for many fans when I say this is a great video, especially the hockey fans. I’ve been watching the Pens play at the Igloo year after year now, and I’d love to see our Pens win it one more time in Mellon Arena. Absolute great song and video! LETS GO PENS!

  7. CrosbyJonas87 says:

    the lyrics made me laugh….it loved it

  8. pittsburghgrl29 says:

    i love the lyrics made me chuckle ;] great job guys!
    Lets Go Pens!

  9. PokerProhonic says:

    amazingggg!!!! this needs to be the next fsn commercial

  10. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    Sick video! GO PENS!

  11. SteelCityJamz says:

    @ThemBastards thats awesome man, glad you liked it…..go pens!!!!

  12. ThemBastards says:

    Love the clip.. cheers from pens far from Croatia (Europe, for those who don’t where it is ;) )

    I visited Igloo 3 seasons ago and i loved it far more than some fancy new arena’s i’ve also been to while i was on holidays there.

    Cheers and good luck in playoffs.

  13. pittrehab says:

    great job, GO PENS !

  14. pensrox872971 says:

    awesome!! video, loved it!!


  15. jjp8674 says:

    LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. SteelCityJamz says:

    @pittsburghpenguins01 i say WOOOOOO!!!

    DO IT.

  17. pittsburghpenguins01 says:

    awesome video!

    GO PENS!!

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