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Off the Ice: Evgeni Malkin

From NHL Network, this segment of "Off the Ice" features Evgeni Malkin.

25 Responses to “Off the Ice: Evgeni Malkin”

  1. MissGeno71 says:

    Malkin has so much talent.

  2. derriel21 says:

    2 pepole is stupid

  3. PhillipNutt says:

    god i love Malkin

  4. Yoder23m says:

    how hard is that man much respect his english haas gotten sooo much better you gotta love this guy not just for his amazing ability on the ice but for being brave enough to do this interview

  5. footyguy92 says:

    @89MohaA just cuz someones slack jawed doesnt make them retarded. why are you hating on him? is it cuz he’s russian or because you hate the penguins? go troll somewhere else would you?

  6. crosbyluvya says:

    omg i love him!!

  7. 89MohaA says:


    who wouldn’t. look at that slack jaw retarded looking face.

  8. footyguy92 says:

    this interviewer’s a dick. he obviously condescends which is rude as fuck.

  9. benny6666 says:

    @tlv156 imagine if they would throw you downtown Russia without speaking any russian. That would be soo scary

  10. blackhawksrock8819 says:

    @iluvMalkin no duh thats ur nickname lol he is cute tho

  11. hockeybo71 says:

    what a man.

  12. MommysLilQueen says:

    hes a great player.

  13. iluvMalkin says:

    He is such a cutie!
    I love him ♥

  14. disneyslide says:

    2:12 ♥

  15. epi9 says:

    @grazya55 lol yea , “they love joke, me love jokes” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes awsome

  16. MMluvz says:

    I looove him<3

  17. grazya55 says:

    “how do you feel about your english?”
    lmao before he said “me love jokes.”

    gotta love malkin. (:

  18. virta12 says:

    he’s drunk :D

  19. kaylakaaos says:

    I love the progress with his English. Not a pens fan, but hes most def one of my favorite NHLers.

  20. reedezycandrinkezy says:

    pavel did the same to

  21. tlv156 says:

    his english has gotten so much better. it has to be hard coming over here a couple years ago not knowing any english whatsoever. he’s an amazing player, and i’m thrilled to have him on my team.

  22. sporknoodle says:

    Right on, Malkin! I took 3 semesters of Russian, so I feel his pain. Он очень хороший хоккеист – я люблю его. That’s probably not even right, lol, so props to him for talking 4 minutes straight.

  23. benny6666 says:

    @jiharev43 Yeah and he’s coming better and better

  24. crazylittleboy1 says:

    @MNhockeydangler I know

  25. THEkidNurCLOSET says:

    “lots of party” lol

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