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NHL Playoffs 2010 Preview: Chicago Blackhawks Versus Nashville Predators

SUBSCRIBE! I'll be doing one of these for each series uploaded all within the next couple days so subscribe if you like this one because there will be more! This is a video previewing the upcoming series between the Detroit Red Wings and the Nashville Predators. I picked Hawks in 4 because their offense will simply be too much for the Preds to handle. Throw a solid shutdown tandem in their in Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook and you have a series sweep. Bring out the brooms because we got a sweep on our hands. Hawks in 4.

14 Responses to “NHL Playoffs 2010 Preview: Chicago Blackhawks Versus Nashville Predators”

  1. bringtherain5 says:

    @JVLCEK26 its funny at one of the games in bridgestone some kids from chicago came and were dog cussing a women and her daughter because they were cheering for the predators. now thats ignorant. they were hard inside the arena but we found them in the parking lot and they told us how awesome nashville was and that they wanted to live here LOL. and bridgestone is one of the loudest arenas in the nhl kid.

  2. JVLCEK26 says:

    titansnascarfan…. u are absolutely the most ignorant son of a bitch i have ever heard voice their opinion on youtube…. i made a youtube account just to hate you. wow….. you really think there is a stadium louder than the united center. go back to nascar town and send a memo to the whole state of Tennessee and remind them that they dont even know what ice is. stop watching hockey cause you have no idea what it is.

  3. 330626 says:

    @blakestevo The band is Mobile. The song is “New York Minute”

  4. blakestevo says:

    @330626 this songs cool. wtats the band and name of song

  5. TheBattlefieldCrab says:

    To bad, you lost game 2, hmmm, but god for us in Chicago.

  6. Kartracer6 says:

    @titansnascarfan11 4-1? it was 2-1 with 2 open netters. And your second goal was nothing but dumb luck. If Nashville hopes to survive on Dumb luck they are in for a huge suprise. It’s Louder not more louder and i highly doubt you can top the United Center

  7. goldoche269 says:

    HAHAHA!!! all of your prediction got screwed after one game!!! HAHAHA!!!
    Preds in 6

  8. titansnascarfan11 says:

    LOL we beat you 4-1. I heard you hawks fans and all I heard in that 3rd period was whining, and booing. Oh yeah can’t forget the lady that said the f-bomb to the preds celebrating their 2nd goal. If the preds win game 2 we win this series because if you think that’s intense at the united center try to play at the bridgestone arena in the playoffs its more louder and intense than the united center.

  9. PwNermOvies says:

    for the stanley cup its probably gonna be Chicago Vs. Washington

  10. PwNermOvies says:

    hawks r gonna win 4 agreed

  11. TitanPredBearFan says:

    Hawks in 4???


  12. TJrockable1 says:

    GO! SmashVIlLe GO!

  13. 330626 says:

    @LordFischious lol… quinn this is one of the best/most popular sports songs of all time! screamo doesnt have to be in everything…

  14. LordFischious says:

    butters i like ur videos, but you srsly need better music, also it would probably be better if you consistently had commentary rather than none for some clips either that or increase the music volume during those clips. 5* though, oh wait i forgot. youtube fucked everything, I “like” this XD

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