NHL Hockey Goals, Fights, Saves, and Highlights 2008-2009 – #1

www.ChiZeapHockey.com Here are some hockey goals, fights, and highlights from a random week in November 2008. These awesome hockey highlights show us that the rest of the 2008-2009 NHL hockey season is going to be exciting to watch. I tried to summarize as much of the NHL hockey action below as I could that I put in the video -Michael Komisarek (Montreal Canadiens) vs Milan Lucic (Boston Bruins) awesome hockey fight. -Evengi Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) scores sweet goal. -Zack Stortini (Edmonton Oilers) makes a big hit with the classic alternate Oilers hockey Jersey. -Doug Weight passes to Bill Guerin (New York Islanders) for a sweet tap-in goal against the Ottawa Senators. -Mark Recchi (Tampa Bay Lightning) comes in and snipes a goal on Chris Osgood (Detroit Redwings) -Andrew Brunette (Minnesota Lightning) shelfs a goal on the Coyote goalie. -Vincent Lecavalier (Tampa Bay Lightning) spits blood. -Tomas Plekanec (Montreal Canadiens) wins a defensive zone faceoff back into his own net on Montreal goalie Carey Price. -Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) scores a nice hockey goal and celebrates as usual. -Shane Doan (Phoenix Coyotes) scroes a sweet hockey goal. -Brandon Dubinsky (New York Rangers) Vs Dainius Zubrus (New Jersey Devils) fight. -Henrik Tallinder (Buffalo Sabres) snipe a NHL hockey goal on Jose Theodore (St. Louis Blues). -Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) celebrates NHL goal. -Alexander Semin (Washington Capitals) hockey goal. -Dustin Byfuglien ...

25 Responses to “NHL Hockey Goals, Fights, Saves, and Highlights 2008-2009 – #1”

  1. ShaaFerSure says:

    crosbys a wus go ovie

  2. BucsFan4567 says:

    Go Hawks

  3. MrConman8338 says:

    @akatsukiworld97 i love the new sens jeresys and my whole room is caps and

  4. TheNateb32 says:

    chara and lucic= beasts… go bruins

  5. wowyourghey says:

    Wild are beasts> Go Minnesota

  6. BostonBruins2010 says:

    gotta say.. as a Bruins fan, I really admire the first 20 seconds of this video hahaha

  7. calgarywilly says:

    go flames

  8. hockeyclown37 says:

    sooooo sick

  9. killer14221 says:

    terrible song

  10. nonalliance says:

    @mostlysunny117 O then ok its alright srry for yellin at u

  11. analiesesteinke45 says:

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  12. elviemote30 says:

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  13. FFBomber31 says:

    soul creation by cinder

  14. mostlysunny117 says:

    typicall dumb ass pens fan.. i never said i was cryin about it.. it just would have been nice to show more teams

  15. nonalliance says:

    @mostlysunny117 ok well ur retarded if u dont see Ducks and wild and Detroit and alllll of those… so just hush about the vid enjoy it if not then go cry to a elder about ne west teams in a vid DEAL WITH IT!! LETS GO PENS!!

  16. miniExp says:

    name that song?

  17. AOforCapsO says:

    he made this vid in decemeber. lol

  18. mostlysunny117 says:

    nice! loved it except i wish u would have showed more teams.. it looks like it was only east teams besides the canucks :/

  19. akatsukiworld97 says:

    caps and sens go

  20. flaflyers says:

    love this song

  21. Voodoowolfe says:

    Go Caps! Should have put Varlamov’s save from the Pens-Caps playoff series in there. :D

    Fantastic vid though!!

  22. hornets404 says:


  23. drury9 says:

    nice vid !!!

  24. GreenDean35 says:

    Nope, Not that.

  25. danne502 says:


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