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NHL 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Burn It To The Ground By Nickelback

NHL 2009 Playoffs TSN and Sportscentre Video added music, song called burn it to the ground by Nickelback The best of the best in this video from the 2009 stanley cup playoffs Pitsburgh Penguins VS Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals and penguins ended up winning the stanley cup with a great save to save the stanley cup by Mark Andre Fleury Enjoy the video and PLEASE comment,rate and subscribe Thank You =)

25 Responses to “NHL 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Burn It To The Ground By Nickelback”

  1. kell1021 says:

    holy shit whos gonna win no one fucking cares they just care about the song in the backround

  2. secretagentsir says:

    @teskey403 ROCK ON!

  3. goony11 says:

    the clip with scott walker punching aaron ward should have been played during the part of the song where it says “no class…”

  4. teskey403 says:

    fuck detriot

  5. javajen19 says:

    Sweet video! Would have been better if my Wings had won the Cup that year…but you can’t help that! Thanks for posting.

  6. nadadenadak says:

    i dont understand about hockey but this music is amazing.
    (from brazil) =P

  7. bfsab61 says:

    hmm carolina in the playoffs? oh thats right i forgot about that… they just started sucking asshole.

  8. bryton99 says:

    fucking love this so much!

  9. Qpoitras says:

    its on nhl 10

  10. 74blackout16 says:

    I play hockey for my high school, and before every game, I would watch this, when we were getting ready we would blast this on a stereo, every one on the team loves this song, it gets us psyched up and ready to play

  11. w2jrockz says:

    The song was sung by Nickelback, and the title was “Burn It To The Ground”

  12. Georgekaxidze says:

    LET’S GO PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. iQuantom says:

    sweet montage

  14. SexiWing24 says:

    nice video man shit this was like espn made it or somethin

  15. mrot11 says:

    sick viedo

  16. javajen19 says:

    Awesome video…wish my Wings had won though!

  17. CharjaminPivots says:


  18. CharjaminPivots says:


  19. HockeyFanster13 says:

    sick video

  20. TehNoobDoodman says:


  21. reddash70 says:


  22. whitesoxfan5 says:


  23. axedryessence says:


  24. pittpens10562 says:

    LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. deathnotefan18 says:

    fkn sweet vid except fo rthe end (sidney crosby rwith the cup)

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