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NHL 11 : Online Be A Pro – Ep. 1 : I Am Legend(ary)

Could I please get a Like!

5 Responses to “NHL 11 : Online Be A Pro – Ep. 1 : I Am Legend(ary)”

  1. DeTrOiTxDaNgLeR says:

    @MrSlingshot123 Thanks! always nice to hear :D

  2. MrSlingshot123 says:

    good job man good vids i liked all ur vids keep it up

  3. USCBaseball51 says:

    EA shows ppl miss the check and go into the boards to show that ppl are retarded

  4. worldsmostidiot says:

    you like detriot red wings me too:)

  5. Halodiego1509 says:

    faceplant at 2:30 ! :D. Nice vids man keep it up ;)

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