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NHL 11 Intro Video

Lawl to the max, the intro took me about a day of capturing and editing to make, and the clips had background music in it too :@ so I was thinking of a perfect song to make it better, and I thought. What about NHL 11's soundtrack list? So I used Bullet For my Valentine - Fever and it came out well. I tried to make it dramatic at the end when kane scores and then BAM NHL 11 Cover athlete Jonathan Toews is holding the cup. Be prepared as this is as long as 7 minutes.

25 Responses to “NHL 11 Intro Video”

  1. whitesoxman77 says:

    i liked your 2010 video and your 2011 is even better, keep up the good work.

  2. CHIPHXMAN says:

    Ah the haters. The blackhawks were simply the best that year. If you dont like it than tough.

  3. NHL2010er says:


    That’d be the worst pick I’d ever do. I love that song. Nothing bad , but honestly we’re seeing teenagers playing this. Not pop lovers, its good for radio. NOT for games.

  4. CauseImAfrican says:

    Play this video with a different song, Dynamite by Taio Cruz

  5. NHL2010er says:


    Lol once again. You can skip intros.

  6. TheHockeyDirector says:

    6:46 long intro? …

  7. hockeyhary says:

    some of these guys are fucking amazing, awsome vid!

  8. NationalPro says:

    I have to admit, these´╗┐ graphics look pretty good for NHL 11 but dont quite come close to reality.

  9. irishpride1213 says:

    could have used rasks save and boychucks hit. but good video

  10. NHL2010er says:


    Bullet for my valentine – fever

  11. kallitproducitons says:

    whats the song called?

  12. NHL2010er says:


    Oh and sorry for replying on you with my other account called TheNoobWars :P

  13. thenoobwars says:


    This is a intro, not a fan made intro for a specific team. And yes sure I did add a few more chicago clips, because hence.. its Chicago Blackhawks for the cover.

  14. NHL2010er says:


    TSN,Sportsnet,CBC, Basically.. anything on the web ;)

  15. oilersandguitars says:

    How did you get the clips?

  16. SheaBoi says:

    Could have used some more devils highlights

  17. NHL2010er says:


    LOL ;) dont forget to subscribe and request vids

  18. Zayzze says:

    @NHL2010er good enough. still a sick song.

  19. NHL2010er says:


    I wanted a band in NHL 11 to be in my video.

  20. Zayzze says:

    fever isn’t in NHL11

  21. Bennett9797 says:

    Amazing video. Very well done . The ending was great.

  22. AgentOtacon says:

    any wild goals in this vid?!?!

  23. PittsburghArab says:

    wow sick i wish this really was the intro vid haha

  24. hackeystar says:

    wheres all the amazing flyer hits and goals

  25. hockeykid30b says:


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