NHL 11 : 3 Online Ranked Shootouts – Ep. 1 : Losing Pucks?

Why do I loose the puck in sooo many shootouts? TELL ME!

8 Responses to “NHL 11 : 3 Online Ranked Shootouts – Ep. 1 : Losing Pucks?”

  1. TheDatsyukian says:

    A good dangler doesn’t deke all the time

  2. USCBaseball51 says:

    okay tanks buddy! you should play me im 9-2-1 i got nhl on MLK day :)

  3. DeTrOiTxDaNgLeR says:

    @USCBaseball51 look at my other videos :D

  4. USCBaseball51 says:

    do you play versus?

  5. AquaGiant says:

    this game has a sick sound track, never thot they’d put dialetic chaos by megadeth or your betrayal by bfmv on here. nice vid too.

  6. DeTrOiTxDaNgLeR says:

    @CHeadGames good point haha I wont deke 12 times anymore. Thanks

  7. CHeadGames says:

    Why do you lose the puck? Simple, judging from your video, you over deke. Through tuner updates, tuner meaning they can change the gameplay. They made a change for you to lose the puck if you deke too much. What you are doing is unrealistic. It’s a nice change to the game. You seriously OVER DEKE. Just keep it simple. I have NHL 11 Gameplay Commentary too, and I say in almost all the videos to keep in simple. There is no reason to deke 12 times. Yea, Kovy lost, but he didn’t DEKE 12 TIMES.

  8. bigjoe686659 says:

    Holy shit i gotta challenge you, autoshow7

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