NHL 09 Amazing Unbelievable sick save in Online Shootout

This is the best save you will ever see in NHL 09

13 Responses to “NHL 09 Amazing Unbelievable sick save in Online Shootout”

  1. ournameisjat123 says:

    thats a pretty nice save

  2. hockeychimp44 says:

    yeah on your vid theres one crazy fucking save

  3. RudolphEnds says:

    Right, the dumb ass goalie dived, and he aimed it at his legs.

  4. xmarc1314x says:

    you dumbass you commented your own video

  5. xmarc1314x says:

    that wasn’t a nice save, it was just a shitty shot

  6. crossover3479 says:

    lmao u said it in the video we understand your opinion…. lmao

  7. Tyler106334122 says:

    you shot it right at the goalie. Try manual shooting.

  8. barkerbob5 says:

    retard we can tell when you comment your own videos admiring them

  9. 893160007 says:

    good but not the best

  10. sasukerocker101 says:

    ive seen way better

  11. mchipokas says:

    that was a sick goal

  12. NHL09er says:

    nice save but nowhere near the nicest

  13. iTsTheiPhoneKid says:

    wow thats a sick save

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