Montreal Canadiens vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Game 7 at the Bell Centre

The Montreal Canadiens eliminate defending champs Pittsburgh Penguins on May 12th 2010. The Bell Centre was packed with 21000 fans who watched the game on giant screens, cheering for their Habs. The louder, the better! After all, our "Glorieux" were all the way down in Pittsburgh, so we had to make sure they could hear us from that far, amirite?!

9 Responses to “Montreal Canadiens vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Game 7 at the Bell Centre”

  1. willdill says:

    i quit my job to watch CAPS vs HABS game 7 and it was a wonderful choice cause i wouldve missed this one too

  2. stubby304 says:

    where were u sitting? what section were you in?

  3. TepDavid25 says:

    I’ll always remember that night!

  4. SIANNA07 says:

    @fraisie LMAO, thats the day im an astronaut…AHAHAHA

  5. Bytrsweet says:

    great vid, but game 7 was in Pittsburgh,

  6. nbafreak41 says:

    English please?

  7. fraisie says:

    @KrisMTL Yes it can. And it will. When we take the Cup back home.

  8. KrisMTL says:

    Can it get any more epic?

  9. archive1988 says:

    Search: “If Luke Skywalker were a Philadelphia Flyers fan”

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