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Miroslav Satan’s Game Winning Goal in Bouble OT [4/21/2010]

Miro Satan knocks home the game-winning goal in double overtime, giving the Bruins a 3-1 series lead.

14 Responses to “Miroslav Satan’s Game Winning Goal in Bouble OT [4/21/2010]”

  1. Julian24151 says:

    lol I didnt know his goal was in “Bouble OT”

  2. nashoba18 says:

    i was at that game!

  3. Chicoman83 says:

    After watching the Caps Habs game you must now know what I am talking about…Halak stole this series like playoff performers should…Miller did not.

  4. Chicoman83 says:

    I’m not sure if you got my point…He played well enough to win games in the regular season and he had some great saves in the playoffs…but he did not steal any games like a vezina trophy winner should have…He played the worst offensive team in the playoffs!!!!…He let up 4 goals in game 7!!!…c’mon step it up if you are supposed to be that good….look at all the Buffalo message boards…they are all upset that he didn’t win one game for them on his own…I could care less about save %

  5. amazinglarry says:

    @Chicoman83 Did you not see how many times Miller kept the Sabres in the series? He definitely stepped it up. His Save % was a .926 compared to Rask’s .927. This series could have gone either way and Miller definitely was a big part of it. Not sure what you’re talking about.

  6. Chicoman83 says:

    Miller played mediocre playoff hockey at best throughout the series…

    Playoff goalies are supposed to step up their game just like every other player and I didn’t see that from Miller…

    Just take a look at some of the goalies who beat the Bruins in the past couple playoff series…Theodore, Price, Ward…they all stood on their head…Miller is definitely bringing in his reputation…he did not show up this series.

  7. KHayes666 says:

    Miller played outstanding even in defeat…..if the Bruins can beat him 4 times, Fleury doesn’t scare me at all.

  8. brc028 says:

    Great Goals come from great pass’s great pass by Ryder Cant forget him

  9. hockey3428 says:

    @91splash ok im a bruins fan, but seriously miller is a sick goalie. this game was so close its not even funny.

  10. 91splash says:


  11. snipeageno says:

    not miller falt in the slights

  12. pimpnamedboss says:

    the crowd was going crazy :) (Y)

  13. KylerSamsonite says:

    What a goal by Satan i was flipping out when he scored haha it was an intense game though that 1st ot was pretty hard to watch the sabres were all over them but Tuuka stood tall and now it looks like the bruins have this thing wrapped up… hopefully.

  14. RageAgainstMachine45 says:

    took forever to find this video, prob cause u spelled double OT wrong LoL sweet game though

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