Minnesota Northstars vs Pittsburgh Penguins Brawl

Old Time Hockey

5 Responses to “Minnesota Northstars vs Pittsburgh Penguins Brawl”

  1. lvgordo says:

    caufield was a tough guy who couldnt skate

  2. pen24 says:


    they actually fought because they hated each other. which is the way it should be. not how it is today. gotta love old time hockey..

  3. pensfreak11 says:

    i love how the refs used to actually let the fights go. they are too quick to break them up anymore.

  4. smezzle says:

    I think so. Barrasso was traded for that year, and I think I remember my friend had this fight on VHS when we were kids.

  5. 55Porter says:

    Nice brawl! What season? I’m guessing 88-89.

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