Mike Lange calls the Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Victory

Various calls from the Penguins announcer Mike Lange during the 2009 Stanley Cup finals

10 Responses to “Mike Lange calls the Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Victory”

  1. lucysnow1851 says:

    I love Mike Lange! Thanks for posting this, I love the choice of goals.

  2. RyanFuckinKilpatrick says:

    Mike Lange IS, WAS, and always WILL BE the only voice of the Pens. Fuck Paul Steigerwald.

  3. LOKISlog7 says:


  4. tmcmu0e says:

    Mike Lange is the best

  5. RobDog65 says:

    “And Cam Ward just lost his liquor license!” Absolutely classic.

  6. burgh55 says:

    I want Lange back on TV! You can’t sync the TV broadcasts with the radio call, one or the other is behind by 4 or 5 seconds, so PUT LANGE BACK ON TV!!

  7. salliusgrode says:


  8. insaneiaq says:

    No time for losers (Hossa) lol

  9. Siriusblackkay says:

    I love them!! They kick ass!!!!

  10. letsgopitt says:

    Beware of the Pittsburgh Penguins!!!!!

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