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Michael Cammalleri Sweet Goal (May 2 2010)

***Feel Free To Subscribe For Complete NHL Coverage*** Michael Cammalleri = Brian Gionta wow!

25 Responses to “Michael Cammalleri Sweet Goal (May 2 2010)”

  1. cjdl420 says:

    @rehan0123 Constipation, Watson?

  2. TheAtomicMahem says:

    whos the 1 guy who DOSN’T have good hand eye coordination and missed the like button?

  3. ghostsintheforum says:

    @bigshow690 andrei kostitsyn COULD be if he’d stop being lazy.

  4. rehan0123 says:

    @bigshow690 no shit sherlock

  5. bigshow690 says:

    I say cammalleri is the best offensive
    player on the team

  6. ben10150 says:

    @mokyboy11 Hah! :p foot-hand-eye is so right

  7. MajorROOST says:


  8. theultimateultimatum says:


  9. thecrazygene1 says:

    go habs go

  10. HeyYo101 says:

    @syeshasucks and they did!

  11. HockeyPlayoffRun says:

    You think officiating sucks, so do I. I talk about it game by game.

  12. REDBEN27 says:


  13. Masud says:

    go habs go!! cam is amazing
    and i love downtown mtl after habs win

  14. danhabsfan9 says:

    cammelleri just combined like three sports!

  15. danhabsfan9 says:

    @bassextremes22 oh yeah. just like washington right?

  16. bluesgurugod says:

    @bonapy1 you’re “spaming” me? Obviously you are not only clueless but completely retarded. Go back to your Gainey bashing life. Gainey’s done more in his sleep than you could in 10 lifetimes, shit-for-brains.

  17. bonapy1 says:

    Anyboby who is self-title god should be kicked in the nuts by god himself. How pathetic, your comin back with the same redondant crap on all your comments ”Dimwit” and you think that those erratic rethorics are tight LOL. Just shut the fuk up and quit regurgitate shit that you dont know the meaning off, your not bright enough. Just take a minute in your Gainey Shrine and jerk-off´╗┐ a bite.. your probably better at that…. And so you know, I’m spaming you so your wack reply won’t reach me LOL

  18. bonapy1 says:

    @Sharp2K9 nice one sharp2k9 the maggot dont even know the game, he is just blabering to make himself feel important. Don’t even waste your time replying to that ignorant…

  19. BlackPowerFuckWhitey says:

    fuck white honky. white crackers are pedophiles and rapists and will be condemned to hell by the almighty Jesus

  20. bluesgurugod says:

    @Sharp2K9 Do you have any idea how many teams are saddled with ridiculous contracts that are much worse? How about Chicago who’s paying 2 goaltenders over 12 million a season, what about NY Rangers who are paying both Drury and Redden near Gomez numbers (who aren’t fit to sharpen Scottie’s skates). What about Philly who’s paying Daniella Briere 8 million a season for ice capades? Tampa is stuck with a 10 year monster contract for a washed up Lecavalier, Toronto paying 4.5 to an aggressive pylon

  21. NeverEnd0001 says:

    Montreal Is Where Amaazing Happens. xD

  22. muneeb212 says:


  23. mackjeez says:


    That’s why a team has at least 2 goalies, its only logical to put in a substitute when your number one is doing bad but in the long run a number 2 is still a number 2, he was expecting a up and coming goalie to deal with the Habs franchise stress, it practically ruined him. Gainey realized his mistake when he let go of Carbonneau, the reality was the team couldn’t get along the only outcome should be to disassemble which he did but lost a great coach in the outcome.

  24. juni172 says:

    @BlackPowerFuckWhitey wtf is up with u? if u dont like this sport why are u here?? go play ur curling fagget.

  25. baums8085 says:

    Go Habs Go.

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