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Mcdonald’s Hockey Collectibles: Building More Interest in Hockey Memorabilia

Hockey trading cards may seem to wane in popularity, but if McDonald's has its way, it won't be for the next 100 years. They may probably have experienced spikes in demand thanks to McDonald's hockey collectibles. These hockey cards that come from the house of Ronald McDonald are actually worth something, considering that it's supplied only in Canada and that many kids actually don't think much of them, leaving much of the loot and short supply to serious collectors. Many McDonald's hockey cards are not even traded – they're thrown away or left to rot someplace forgotten, like the attic or an old shoebox.

That is not to say that interest has never waned. Many collectors lost their love for hockey cards during the mid-90s when the market was filled to the brim. However, with the resurgence of interest in hockey and the continuing popularity of hockey collectibles including those from McDonald's, it's a good idea to start or re-start your collection now.

Getting McDonald's hockey collectibles

The most popular hockey collectibles from McDonald's continue to be NHL trading cards, the latest of which is from the Upper Deck Ice Heroes Collection. The new line features 50 cards, with special inserts that contain 51-card sets. Each pack costs $0.99 with purchase of selected McDonald's products.

The number of cards contained in the card sets varies depending on the description. Cards in the Hardware Heroes set features winners of NHL awards in 6 die-cut cards to a pack. The Rookie Review and Hot Gloves sets have 20 cards in a pack while the Captains Checklist set contains cards featuring captains from the 6 Canadian NHL teams.

Another thing that adds to the excitement of getting the cards is that there are more than 4,000 official winning cards that include some important hockey memorabilia. The cards are instant-winning and need only to be verified to be redeemed. McDonald's usually releases the new sets at the end of each year for the latest season.

There are also McDonald's Canada hockey pucks that are issued by Canadian restaurants as part of their promotion to honor their hockey teams. These signature official pucks cost about $9.95 each.

Trading McDonald's hockey collectibles online

On the McDonald's hockey trading site (, you'll have to sign up to become a member in order to trade. You must register your collection and include the quantity of every card you have. To trade a card, simply click on the 'Trade It' button and have someone find your offer. If you're looking for a particular card, simply click on the 'Need It' button to advertise your requirement.

The site lets you save your card profile so you don’t have to re-enter information the next time you sign in. The site lets you trade and seek hockey card collectibles for free and sign up is fast and easy.

If you want to view the current roster of hockey collectibles, the site features a gallery that lets you view the players' individual cards. Simply click on the names on the page and the site will give you a glimpse. Some of the most popular players are covered in the gallery, including Sergei Fedorov, Sidney Crosby, Steve Yzerman and Mario Lemieux.

Many grown hockey collectible fans who have seen the interest of young children in trading cards wane blame the rising prices. Hockey trading cards and collectibles cost anywhere from $5 to more than $100 in hobby shops and online stores. The McDonald's hockey cards program in Canada hopes to attract more collectors and sports fans into creating sustained interest in cards as hockey collectibles.

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