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May 12th, 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Montreal Canadiens Game #7 Pre-game Montage HNiC

Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Montreal Canadiens Game #7 Pre-game Montage Song is "No Heaven" By Champion Hockey Night in Canada Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

25 Responses to “May 12th, 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Montreal Canadiens Game #7 Pre-game Montage HNiC”

  1. MzCannavaro says:

    i already miss lapierre:(

  2. KovyRules says:

    Jean Béliveau … What a Classy guy !!

  3. vene777 says:

    haha! Caps and Pens got Halak’d

  4. thuca94 says:

    lol at the guy at 0:07 and this was the greatest playoff run ive seen in my short life lol

  5. GetHalo350s says:

    You know what was really fucked up? when the pens fans were booing at Subban .
    Thats right a rookie also a black, thats kinda racist you bitch ass pens fans

  6. chrislopez44 says:

    @lapierresucks lapierre rocks :D

  7. chrislopez44 says:

    @louisnicolas gives me goosebumps. a guy like him motivating his team. imagine being metro and a legend who won so man cups comes up to him and asks him to win the game. i wouldn’t know what to feel.

  8. QuebecSouverain95 says:

    Vive le Québec libre / Quebec free

  9. MrBeware33 says:

    @louisnicolas I agree that was awesome and the look on Metropolits face was a look of pride

  10. louisnicolas says:

    béliveau’s fist pump at the end is by far the best moment !

  11. lapierresucks says:

    @daheat0627 I dont think so… They beat em fair and square

  12. daheat0627 says:

    @Hoiles yeah but what happened the year before that? == parade and how about in 05 == parade and how about what’s probably gonna happen this upcoming FEB == parade lol see its no shame losing to other teams once in awhile cause pro football –theyre all pros any given sunday yanno how many times has the steeler beat those teams? lol many many more than they beat the steelers go ahead check the stats

  13. Hoiles says:

    @daheat0627 Big words from a fan of a team that missed the playoffs because they lost to the Chiefs, Raiders and BROWNS (lol).

  14. daheat0627 says:

    @Hoiles HAHAHA the only tradition the HABS have is choking!!!! they’re choke artists who haven’t done anything since the early 90’s. There is a million things to do here in Pittsburgh you just have to have money to do them. Football season isn’t even in yet doesn’t start till August. Besides finding “fun things to do” is for children lol not professional athletes who can hop on a plane and go where they want to .

  15. Hoiles says:

    @daheat0627 Yeah because young millionaires really give a fuck about being in a city with a team in some other sport. Come free agency time, your Penglosses would rather go to a team with real tradition, and a city with a ton of fun things to do after the game, than watch football on TV.

  16. daheat0627 says:

    @Hoiles well thats just the way the ball bounces sometimes —also who would you rather play for? a city known for its smash mouth sports scene or some other washed up city who doesnt have a prayer when it comes to actually winning a championship?

  17. Hoiles says:

    @daheat0627 Who’s luckier, the Habs for having a good goalie, or the Penglosses, for getting 4 straight top-2 draft picks (3 for finishing in last place, and another, Crosby, for winning a LOTTERY)?

  18. daheat0627 says:

    @lapierresucks LUCK i would say –i think brilliant play would have been if they would have beat philly or at least gave them a game lol HABS got their faces ripped off that series. cause luck ran out ——theyre not the first and not the last that the evil luck gods played a game on

  19. lapierresucks says:

    @daheat0627 Was it luck or just brilliant playing?

  20. ajile1976 says:

    Sid is going montreal when he is a UFA. when pens fans cheer miller more then sid post Olympics you know his heart is in Montreal. you heard it here first.

  21. ajile1976 says:

    “One thing about the Pens or steelers once they make it in the finals theyre winning it no doubt about it ”

    Right…..1 fer 2 does count for final dominance? NHL reference only….nfl is crap.

  22. DrFrankenchrist says:

    Those montages are genius!

  23. daheat0627 says:

    @lapierresucks yeah after the habs got lucky (you know that all it really was) they got their faces ripped off by a team that the PENS coulda beat in 6 games. but sometimes its better to lucky than good. Habs are a flash in the pan the PENS on the other hand will be back in the finals next year. One thing about the Pens or steelers once they make it in the finals theyre winning it no doubt about it

  24. lapierresucks says:

    @daheat0627 The pens are world champs? The canadiens are imposteurs? Ok maybe you need to first, learn about the NHL and second to learn your NHL history. The Canadiens (8th seed) beat the Penguins ( defending champs) fair and square. Nothing you say can change this FACT. Now what you think about this is another matter, but since you like to watch football im guessing youre not a hockey fan? PS: CFL isnt real football, i know, but the Montreal Alouettes are the Grey Cup champs for 2008-2009

  25. daheat0627 says:

    @Hoiles well i must admit i prefer NFL over the NHL after all I am a man but a bandwagon I am not –we have a hockey team and i cheer for them—no different than you and your team. And incase you were wondering the NFL network is on my TV right now

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