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May 10th, 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Montreal Canadiens Game #6 Pre-game Montage HNiC

Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Montreal Canadiens Game #6 Pre-game Montage Song is Le But by Loco Locass Hockey Night in Canada Monday, May 10th, 2010

25 Responses to “May 10th, 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Montreal Canadiens Game #6 Pre-game Montage HNiC”

  1. Alexeellee says:

    W0W !! I LOVE YOU HABS !! GO HABS GO !! -3

  2. Shuhaghassan says:

    @swissirish1 true!

  3. TepDavid25 says:

    Spring 2010 is the best one ever :)

  4. Shorthanded86 says:

    1:06 – Sexy Canadien! Go Habs Go!

  5. hotchickfv says:

    @vince6363 osti dcaliss va tu fermer ta yeule?

  6. hotchickfv says:

    you have no idea how much i love this place. the hockey, the people, the city, everything. I’m so grateful to have grown up in a wonderful place like Montreal. Ca peut pas etre plus mieux que ca! GO HABS GO!

  7. max432156 says:

    we all know Montreal is the real hockey town

  8. bboytrigger123 says:

    @petertrang87 lol make that 4.

  9. petertrang87 says:

    @bboytrigger123 make that 3

  10. bboytrigger123 says:

    @TheAmazingpwner95 sure… that’s why they are 3rd in the conference. Price has 2 shutouts also…

  11. SinghCroft says:

    like this if you think montreal is da best…

  12. buzzy0016 says:

    @TheAmazingpwner95 actually price has been very good so far this begining of season.

  13. buzzy0016 says:

    @alxzanki omg i love you,so true.

  14. 64CRUNCH64 says:

    @TheAmazingpwner95 Price is good too, but you know Halak is Halak….what a pity he is St. Luis

  15. thebeesknees8 says:

    Flyers were just to damn good

  16. fauberts120 says:

    I was at that game it was crazy

  17. hockeynation11 says:

    i love how the Montreal sends a little kid out to surrender before every game

  18. acmilan93333 says:

    hmmm and yet Leafs fans are better, right.

  19. storeflack says:

    @blackhawkfan54 serge savard of the 70’s should have been in this vid not denis savard, he didnt even play in the 93 playoffs and he was a bit overrated. Now serge he wouldint take no bullshit from anyone

  20. rocknrose8 says:

    2:03 Bruins fan encouraging Montreal… priceless

  21. swissirish1 says:

    I’m not a Canadiens fan persay, but there’s no place like the Bell centre during the playoffs. Undoubtley the greatest fans in the league

  22. TheAmazingpwner95 says:

    Im a Habs fan, i dont think the canadiens will go too far with Price in the net !!

  23. halakmania says:

    @ mene819

    find some better examples. i was chearing for ottawa when they got to the final in 2007 and i would cheer for any other canadian team as long as they bring lord stanley back in Canada. actually, my WHOLE family and all my friends were chearing for the Sens

  24. Hatchwork says:

    @alxzanki This is why Canada is awesome. We stand together and cheer each other on even if it’s another Canadian team.

  25. QuebecSouverain95 says:

    vive le Qu├ębec libre!

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