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Max Talbot & Marc-Andre Fleury on Inside Penguins Hockey (Q&A)


8 Responses to “Max Talbot & Marc-Andre Fleury on Inside Penguins Hockey (Q&A)”

  1. nxthingpersonal says:

    fleury <3

  2. happylizzie11 says:

    i never knew how funny fleury is! haha i love him! =)

  3. xyeaboix says:

    Sorry about that, another one of my vids does that too and I never realized it till now, I’ll reupload it eventually and try that if I’m ever not too lazy to do so :]

  4. hurleyskateava says:

    the whole video stops at 1:48 or so, is there anyway u can fix this?

  5. stee5lers says:

    damn what an interview, the two MVPs of game 7 right here

  6. PensXAngelX29 says:

    I love his laugh

  7. starbully007 says:

    Fleury is so cute *–*

  8. mully17 says:

    hahaha priceless

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