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Matt Cooke vs. Evander Kane

Matt Cooke (Pittsburgh Penguins) vs. Evander Kane (Atlanta Thrashers) on 04/10/2010

25 Responses to “Matt Cooke vs. Evander Kane”

  1. fpierre says:

    Kane should have kept punching.

  2. BizzMackie says:

    Go fucking kill yourself Cooke. Evander Kane is a stud.

  3. whiteangel132 says:

    I wished this ended Matt Cooke’s Goon Career. Justice has only been served a bit, Cooke needs to be hit a lot more.

  4. sambudwiser says:

    hhahaha awesome!

  5. nuty1234 says:

    @mpapile I couldnt agree more

  6. brownstown18 says:


  7. MrSavage0henry says:

    lol at the applause when he gets back up. If this happened in Philly or Montreal you know for sure that wouldn’t be happening.

  8. ROCKETS2965 says:

    Cooke fucked with the wrong Jabroni. I wish this would happen more often.

  9. zeykshade says:

    announcer, “We hope Matt Cooke is okay.”

    Uh buddy, I’m pretty sure the only fucking douchebags that hope Matt Cooke is ok, live in Pittsburgh. Ask anyone else if they wish that. Ask Marc Savard if he wishes he’s ok. Ask Erik Cole or Vinny Lecavalier or any other player Cooke has cheapshotted.

  10. pissed7off says:

    Ruutu doesn’t have a chance to be dirty, seeming as he’s being scratched frequently.

  11. mantooth126 says:

    Someone tell Kane to do the same to Subban, and I will raise his children.

  12. anthonychrisbradley says:

    I usually hate seeing people get hurt, but I have no compassion whatsoever for Cooke.

  13. imbaeric says:

    Matt Cooke is an asshole.

  14. mpapile says:

    fuck matt cooke, the only shot that made me happier than this was when Domi cold cocked ulf samulesen

  15. MemFeb says:

    Hahaha you always like to see that if it’s cooke

  16. guruhonza says:

    he got what he deserved

  17. culletron says:

    18 dirty players got smoked with one shot when they bit off more than they could chew.

  18. Artoo64 says:

    Oh come on Atlanta fans, you gotta boo there, don’t give credit where credit is not due.

  19. bareknuckles2u says:


  20. farleydbear says:

    Is there any other player that deserves this kinda beating? Matt Cooke is THE dirtiest player in the league. And that says a lot with idiots like Ruutu and Avery in the league.

  21. dethmag says:

    Right in the jaw hahaha sending a jolt straight to the brain. OUT.. Cooke shoulda said ceese cuz all I saw was face lol.

  22. Zureman says:

    Evander Kane is my hero

  23. drinksy1212 says:

    ha ha bitch!!!!

  24. tobybc16 says:

    @NickRoachProductions Dumb ass, hes half black, half white, anyways who cares, why are you a matt cookes nuts!?? Matt Cooke Got knocked the Fuck out. Dick Roach

  25. goakucan says:

    i had to come here, to cool myself down after the fedor tutyin hit and 4 game suspension

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