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Mario Lemieux’s Announcement: Pens Stay in Pittsburgh

Mario Lemieux announces before the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres game at the Mellon Arena on March 23, 2007 that the Pens are staying in Pittsburgh.

21 Responses to “Mario Lemieux’s Announcement: Pens Stay in Pittsburgh”

  1. PJProductions2721 says:

    i got goosebumps <3

  2. crzyinlove says:

    watching this vid still gives me chills! I was there that was historic!

  3. JRSueEllen says:


  4. Hockey330 says:

    move phoenix to KC,Hartford, although they don’t have the arena, or winnipeg.

  5. face525252 says:

    Winnipeg has a new arena and apparently Hartford may have a new arena going up too although i dont know about that one. the only problem with KC is that St. Louis already has such a hardcore following i dont know if they could compete for their fans. MO isnt big enough population wise to do that like a New York is. A new hockey team will only work in a place that doesnt have one and in a place thats not in the southeast or the desert like Phoenix

  6. Hockey330 says:

    hartford doesnt have an arena and neither does winnipeg. KC is the only city with a very nice arena and KC is hockey ready. Just to let you know, KC should get the scouts back!!!! Also I heard Phoenix might move because their arena rent is almost done. Move phoenix to KC!!!

  7. botch061502 says:

    fuck Kansas. they shoudl just give Winnipeg and Hartford their teams bacl instead of giving all these shitty southeastern states teams. like Atlanta, wat the fuck?

  8. jnk715 says:


  9. pitt107 says:

    Mario is and forever shall be a LEGEND and Pens fans are forever indebted to him. GO PENS!

  10. GJMSince1981 says:

    I agree. I’m from Canada myself but I have been following the Penguins for 17 years now. It has to be the PITTSBURGH Penguins or I would not follow hockey as much as I do now. This franchise has been through so much over the past 40 years with bankruptcy and relocation and players and personnel dying. Now with Crosby and Malkin and a new arena, it’s about time SOMETHING went right for this franchise and its fans. GO PENS!

  11. Ormiss says:

    Thanks so much for uploading this video!

    I’ve been a Penguins fan since I got interested in hockey back in 1994, and after watching things get worse and worse each year, this season’s been some kind of reward. Reading about the announcement on the Penguins web site was one of the happiest moments this year for me, and I get teary-eyed just watching this video. Even though I’m not even from America, I didn’t even want to think about the team getting moved. It’s Pittsburgh or nothing for me.

  12. C1rob says:

    Mario is a icon in this city and if the haters don’t like it move to KC.

  13. Ziggy45 says:

    i get the chills everytime i watch this


  14. tinkezione says:

    OMFG. What can I say. He is right god.

  15. Maxie1111 says:

    Kansas can’t even win a Super Bowl and yet they want a hockey team…HA!

  16. retsom says:

    A huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I can enjoy and savor hockey again with no worries

  17. pensfan341 says:

    Mario is a legend and a god

  18. baxbaxbax58 says:

    I HATE KANSAS CITY. but the pens are staying right here.

  19. TheDaner says:

    Thanks Mario (once again)!!

  20. afizzle66 says:

    I cried…and I just cried again.

    Mario Lemieux is not a human being…he’s some kind of super human.

  21. roguea says:

    As put on a sign hanging on the top of Mellon Arena at the game, “Mario must have been a goalie, because he’s made the greatest saves in franchise history.”

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