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Marc-Andre Fleury spins like a ballerina (funny)

MAF has a great sense of humor.

25 Responses to “Marc-Andre Fleury spins like a ballerina (funny)”

  1. Cookfreak26 says:

    @NHLbabe87 wow that is the sweetest story I had ever heard!

  2. Souperfridge says:

    You didn’t even fucking talk about hockey in this comment.
    The only thing you mentioned what we were talking about is the name “Crosby”.
    Nice job, now you just sound like a 10 year old who doesn’t know anything about the great sport of ice hockey.

  3. eight634 says:

    @Souperfridge hahahahahahahahahahaha you have nothing on crosby to chirp so you chirp my spellin and say one of the WORST chirps ive ever heard… congratulations…. you have managed to completely embarrass yourself

  4. Souperfridge says:

    If he was on a shitty team like the islanders, i guarentee he wouldn’t be as good as you say he is, y ou just keep rubbin up on his dick.
    No he can’t play defense. Give me his stats on that.
    You’re getting really pissy, bro.
    Is it your time of the month?
    & You can’t spell worth shit, quit drinking that city water.

  5. eight634 says:

    @Souperfridge yeah he isnt…. 10 ppoint lead on stamkos…… 20 game point streak….. leading a decent team to one of the best in the eastern conference… cant play defence…. when i read your comment like that i know your just some fucking low like cock sucker you doesnt know anything about hockey and dislikes crosby and cant even respect his skill….do us all a favour and shut the fuck up. stop commenting…. you know nothing

  6. Souperfridge says:

    Too bad he’s not.
    He can’t play defense.
    That’s why Pissburgh lost yesterday

  7. eight634 says:

    @Souperfridge too bad hes the best player in the nhl

  8. goblew14 says:

    Thats how the penguins practice… really gay

  9. MegaBlitz25 says:

    @apdanglez who knows maybe you can and maybe you cant, but im not doubting that you cant

  10. apdanglez says:

    @MegaBlitz25 ok ill wreck your pussy ass in real hockey

  11. MegaBlitz25 says:

    @apdanglez haha thats all you got good one.

  12. apdanglez says:

    @MegaBlitz25 fuck you bender lace up some real skates

  13. Zlatanimilan says:

    it’s really nice that he has a sense of humor about things like this :) respect points just shot up haha

    I hate it when people say exactly what the highest rated comments say in a poor attempt to get some thumbs

  14. MegaBlitz25 says:

    @IHRHHF ya okay buddy, ur totally right.

  15. MegaBlitz25 says:

    @apdanglez your retarde you fucking fuck face, go back to sucking dick and stop hating crosby!

  16. IHRHHF says:

    @MegaBlitz25 nobody in the nhl is a puck hog. if they were they wouldnt be in the nhl. and saying that its ok for crosby to argue a call just because everyone else does it is bullshit. crosby could murder someone in front of the ref and he would still argue the call

  17. KendallsVideos says:

    @oneocgossiptreecreek agreed

  18. beamsvilleblades says:

    @adr58 LMFAO nice bro ;)

  19. Zlatanimilan says:

    I really hate it when people say exactly what the highest rated comments say in a poor attempt to get some thumbs

  20. lBlLoolDlLust says:

    @killeensp i hate people like you.

  21. adr58 says:

    it sucks when someone copy the highest rated comments in the foolish hope of getting a few thumbs up

  22. HappyGoPucky says:

    I’m not a pens fan but it’s good that he is a good sport.

  23. killeensp says:

    @oneocgossiptreecreek i hate when people like you care.

  24. spottedbud says:

    that was gay

  25. PianoXfan1 says:

    I hate it when people say exactly what the highest rated comments say in a poor attempt to get some thumbs

    Copy/paste to piss oneocgossiptreecreek offf :D

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