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Marc Andre Fleury 2008 09 Highlights

Marc-Andre Fleury Highlights of this season. My second highlight video.

25 Responses to “Marc Andre Fleury 2008 09 Highlights”

  1. 802wolves says:

    i had to stop the video as soon as the music came on. shame.

  2. lundqvistrules says:

    @raweras360 ur a horrible song for a hockey vid

  3. raweras360 says:

    this is a horrible song for a hockey vid…

  4. ntfd125 says:

    This video is for all those pens fans who hate the flower

  5. couchpotato8796 says:

    yeah this song does not fit this video at all.

  6. JR66108 says:

    whats flower’s playoff record?

  7. AtomicDonut221 says:

    1:35 OUCH

  8. ironcity1933 says:

    great video 2 horrible songs…

  9. Dragoon590 says:

    He has 24 total in his career. 15 in the NHL. 5 in the AHL. and 4 the QMJHL.

  10. JR66108 says:

    what about amature?

  11. Dragoon590 says:

    15 professionally

  12. JR66108 says:

    how many shut outs does flower have in his career?

  13. coinman1361 says:

    show replays god

  14. TheDanman5000 says:

    1:31 when was that game?

  15. lundqvistrules says:

    well they dont allow much custom music

  16. shadowmilkshake says:

    very well put together! good vid

  17. HardyExtremeEnigma says:

    Only the flower can do that

  18. chillman68 says:

    nice work!

  19. notabroham says:

    good fucking call.

  20. samnich12321 says:

    is it like youtube code to have horrible music with every video?

  21. shapem17blows says:

    nice video check out my other profiles fleury video TheDanman5000

  22. Brodie1998 says:

    i met Flower too, hes a really nice guy =]

  23. 0mayes0 says:

    good vid….gay song go penguins

  24. SyKMatt says:

    caught him after the game, he has escalate and a really nice grey Ferrari, he always signs autographs it was saweet :)

  25. hattrikev says:

    where did u meet him i would love to

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