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Marc Andre Fleury

This is video about the best goalie on the world! Marc Andre Fleury;)

18 Responses to “Marc Andre Fleury”

  1. TheIcehockeyFreak says:

    Fleury IS and WILL BE the best goalie ever!!!


  2. SuperTugz says:

    Fleury has been an awesome goalie at times, and has come up huge in clutch moments, especially in 2009 en route to the cup. But you have to admit, he’s very inconsistent at times. Especially now, he’s off to a very rough start this season.

  3. SuperTugz says:

    I was at Fleury’s first start in the NHL, it was the home opener of the 2003-04 season against the LA Kings. The Pens lost 3-0, but the defense was so bad that the Kings had like 50 shots on Fleury, and he was robbing the Kings left and right besides the two he let in (3rd was an empty net). He made a poke check move to save someone on a breakaway and the arena exploded, you’d have sword they won. He ironically gave up a goal on the first shot he faced too.

  4. paine0war says:

    omg its the best video ever

  5. TheIcehockeyFreak says:

    i don’t know a better guy and goalie……


  6. EvanRules87 says:

    watch at the end if video it says what song it is

  7. happinessruns2u says:

    awesome video! i love the baby pictures of him! so cute! haha && i love how just goofy he is

  8. 8711pens29fan2571 says:

    so i guess winning the stanley cup is a joke right?
    and making saves against both ovechkin and cleary breakaways?
    or what about forgeting 5-0 lose and winning games 6 & 7 to win the cup?
    or getting invited to olympic camp?
    or how about that he’s only 24 and he’s accomplished all of these things?
    yep, he’s done a really crappy job as goalie

  9. SteveMason31 says:

    …can oyu add me to your friends list, you seem nice, only if you want to thoe

  10. Andrejka1347 says:

    Thank you very much for your comments!! Im really glad, you like it;) Song is called Narcotic by Liquido. Yeah I agree, his english is very good and he has got very cute accent :) Fleury is the best!

  11. SteveMason31 says:

    yah I really like it as I said before you should make more videos and whoever said he’s not the nest in the leaugue well…your so wrong, he is the best

  12. SteveMason31 says:

    Great video
    is so
    strangly enough
    I really liek the
    whats it
    great vdieo

  13. Snoyyyyy says:

    You people are ridiculous.. he has done nothing to even earn consideration for best in the league

  14. thiesbeast says:

    Marc-andre Fleury is the best in the nhl i want his jersey #29

  15. Steelcitysniper29 says:


  16. aquagirl3601 says:

    Awesome video!!:P Fleury is the best.

  17. Andrejka1347 says:

    haha, thank you very much! I love your video too, beacue it´s so great! Fleury is best!:)

  18. koolaidkid08 says:

    OMG! I looooove it! your video is so much better than mine. like times a million! =D and the song is sweet too! ah i love this video! it’s amazing!

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