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Maple Leafs vs Penguins Jan 20, 2007

A comp of McCabe vs Thorburn; Gill vs Thorburn; Green vs Talbot from the Maple Leafs at Penguins game on Jan 20, 2007. via

22 Responses to “Maple Leafs vs Penguins Jan 20, 2007”

  1. MrJuha82 says:

    Thornburn vs McCabe=Bad DRAW(couple shots were thrown only but those wasnt much actually).
    Gill vs Thornburn=Terrible DRAW(there wasnt really much of fightning).

  2. crosbyland87 says:

    I was at this game!

  3. ddoberman77 says:

    Rofl. GIll is like worse player ever. He is huge but he is so uncoordinated.

  4. beanfrompa says:

    Go Pens!!!!

  5. malkin71fan says:

    jack wilson was at that game to

  6. malkin71fan says:

    were exactly were you sitting in the igloo seats cause i was at the game and also in the igloo seats

  7. malkin71fan says:

    i was at that game sitting in the igloos seats and the penguins won 8-2 and the PENS ROCK

  8. blaalbla says:

    these werent fights they were wrestling matches and fuck the penguins the elafsd r the greatest in the nhl i dont care if they dont go anywhere these days no team in the history of sports have provided their fans with more entertainment than the leafs

  9. SAS3293 says:

    GO LEAFS GO,but DOMI was the best!!!

  10. dorianzive1230 says:

    Only a shame the ‘Leafs’ blew a 4-1 lead in the process!

  11. caboose123g says:

    ha penguins suck they lost last night. GO LEAFS GO!!!!

  12. avsandhabs says:

    probably one of the lowliest things i’ve ever heard.

    1. slide into the boards at ten mph head first and see how you get “owned”
    2. Thorburn has ever won a scrap?

  13. avsandhabs says:

    penguins losing all those fights doesn’t help your arguement or dropping the gloves and holding on for dear life

  14. mikeyrocks11 says:

    wtf u think ur facing an all star team or somthing u fucking dick head its the leafs so why are u pen fans so excited beating a sucky team u fucking dick head so fuck u sens will own ur asses in playoffs

  15. ENG102CAPT says:

    That night the LEAFS got their ASSES handed to them on the Scoreboard and in the Scraps. As a matter of fact the Pens have owned the LEAFS all season long!!! Gurantee Kris Newbury will think twice before he wants to dance with one of the Penguins again!!!

  16. Leafer92 says:

    McCabe sucks, he can do no good in fights, let alone playing defence. He is such a pylon & he sucks ass


  17. darkain71 says:

    You have no respect. You’re a waste of flesh. People like you make hockey fans sound retarded.

  18. mykol404 says:

    fuck you. he will kick any maple leafs ass. thats why ur boy got taken out on a stretcher the other night. owned.

  19. gun4hire says:

    I’m a McCabe fan, but how can you say all Thorburn did was tie up, and not Caber? Thorburn at least attempted a punch. Caber didn’t even swing once.

  20. LurkingInToronto says:

    exactly. that little fucker knows he was about to die.

  21. THORfan7 says:

    B-cause: He is a PUSSY!

  22. SuperColossal33 says:

    thorburn, why did he even drop the gloves if all he wants to do is tie people up and not throw any punches

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