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Malkin brings Penguins season tickets to ugly Penguins fans

Evgeni Malkin personally delivers season tickets to Penguins fans. He's pretty ugly. So are they. Ugly.

25 Responses to “Malkin brings Penguins season tickets to ugly Penguins fans”

  1. xoxoLCxo says:

    These people are so unenthusiastic, I’d scream if a pens player showed up at my door, especially with SEASON TICKETSS

  2. caderyan123 says:

    your the lidstrom hater you suck cock

  3. glimtgutt says:

    I’m guessing that dog’s not a fan x)

  4. Dharane0902 says:

    That’s ridiculously rude to call them ugly in the title. I didn’t know fans were supposed to be good-looking? All that matters is that they support the Pens…alot!

  5. TheWitchOvAgnesi says:

    God… shut that beagle the fuck up!!!

    Props to Malkin. I’m sure this was hardly comfortable for him.

  6. ChineseinCanada says:

    Well, Malkin does his talking on the ice, not off it

  7. msheartofbronze says:

    i think you mean ugly penguins fans…with 3 stanley cups.

  8. cousins4ever1 says:

    Lol, little kid pops out!

  9. moomoosoup1 says:

    The fans seem…unexcited. Except the third group and the lady at the end. The others are probably bandwagon fans.

  10. alliancesuxftw says:

    That must be so embarrassing xD

  11. elitsa1992 says:

    omg those people are f crazy man!! if malkin or crosby or no matter who that i knew pointed up at my door i was going to freak out like crazy!! shittt

  12. DuckyAgent says:

    Who cares what they look like your an ass

  13. TheCanucks17 says:

    I love Geno, but this was the most awkward thing I have ever seen.

  14. skipperrox99 says:

    …he’s a professional hockey player… not a male model. Who cares what he looks like?

  15. supercooled says:

    Evgeni is sounds like Borat or something. It’s so funny.. it’s like it’s dubbed by some out of work Russian voice over actor.

    hahaha sounds so funny when he speaks.

  16. tool987ja says:

    Aw I hate the Pens but I don’t know any other team that does this.

  17. powes1 says:

    haha malkin should leave it to crosby to deliver tickets and talk to fans… malkin isnt much of a people person like crosby

  18. Judas2009ad says:

    Fuck Malkin, fuck the Pens, and fuck these hicks!

    GO CAPS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. o0Live2Partyy0o says:

    the “ugly” thing is really mean. you guys are stupid.

  20. wakarimaska says:

    haha i like how the last lady tackles her kid to be in the picture with geno. that’s awsome!

  21. kiker0909 says:

    my thoughts exactly

  22. JRSueEllen says:

    No, the tickets are season ticket holders..they’re delivering it to them :D

  23. Bullshit4twenty says:

    are they just giving away too random ppl?

  24. codymane6 says:

    the dog knows whats up but he is ugly too

  25. richis109 says:

    Some of the most underwhelming reactions ever. If Malkin ever came to my door i would be going insane!

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