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Lost Footage of a Young Sidney Crosby Amazing footage of a young Sidney Crosby!

25 Responses to “Lost Footage of a Young Sidney Crosby”

  1. bonesaw08 says:

    @EComp86 thats right c’mon man gsp??

  2. EComp86 says:

    @bonesaw08 2 times twice?

  3. Habsfan0206 says:

    0:32 Crosby looks good in a Habs sweater!

  4. pfmo5678ramone says:

    the old dartmouth sportsplex.

  5. hockeywizard101 says:

    he still dosent shave…

  6. pacosfishtacos says:

    love himmm(: id give a kidney to kiss sidneyyyy(:

  7. PaladinWin says:

    Lol? midget triple A Hockey?!

  8. kelseyhigden says:

    hahaha what he says at the end is sooo ironic lol

  9. EXOTICxGAMING2 says:

    Ovi is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. flashylightsy says:

    @TheOnlyNLMD no, just search “olympic welcome song” and you’ll get it

  11. bonesaw08 says:

    i beat him up 2 times twice

  12. TheOnlyNLMD says:

    @flashylightsy looks like you wasted about a good 3 hours of your life that sucked

  13. TheOnlyNLMD says:

    he was actually big for his age

  14. TheMattswish says:

    F off Cole Harbour minor hockey, not letting him move up divisions, which is why he played for Dartmouth.

  15. MartinMcClellanGT says:

    Crosby best in this world !

  16. flashylightsy says:

    First off, F Ovechkin and his video game
    Losing big to the Kid is his claim to fame.
    You claim to be a player but he’s got your Cup
    Had a 2-0 series lead and then he F’d you up.

    Diving calls when you see the Kid.
    Protect your balls when you see the Kid.
    You tried to kill him and he tried to choke ya
    Now you’re about to feel the wrath of Nova Scotia
    You’re gonna get lit UP!

  17. luckyStrike89ru says:

    He looks like a dork here.

  18. TheDarkLink10 says:

    he could beat ur ass any day hes a beast cant belive he is that good!!!!!!!I LOVE U SIDNEY CROSBY!

  19. randomlolz1 says:

    Hahaha, he’s a fag in this video as well.

  20. 0ddzZz says:

    I wish he played for Vancouver.

  21. SidneyPatrickCrosby says:

    @XXculbertXX he has been in 6 fights.

  22. MrRookie26 says:

    @XXculbertXX 6 fights

  23. itsmasonbaby says:

    People have a hard time accepting that Crosby is the best in the world at what he does. Crosby haters can probably all agree on one thing and that is that they know deep down that he is the best player but they dont want to believe it

  24. Lipinski09 says:

    wow, imagine that

  25. LOADEDBURGER42 says:

    @BALLSxToxThexWALLS 4

    He leads the NHL in Points hes the Number one player in The NHL

    He’s Not Just Good He’s Sidney Crosby

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