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Live red necks meet Sidney Crosby

Steve, Kev, Rocky and Marc go to Pittsburge PA and meet Sidney Crosby who is thr Captain of the Penguins hockey team and the face of NHL.

25 Responses to “Live red necks meet Sidney Crosby”

  1. 1268376chris says:


  2. CdnGulfa says:

    @SteintheKid The cheque may come from the Sens but the money comes from the fans

  3. SteintheKid says:

    @CdnGulfa Ottawa does now

  4. SteintheKid says:

    @hydr5 He left VIA Free Agency

  5. SquirtFreak23 says:

    crosby is not the face of the NHL gretzky is and always will be

  6. hydr5 says:

    classy play gonchar TRADED

  7. CdnGulfa says:

    Gonchar’s a bitch – who pays your salary you Russian whore

  8. Nicollie1062 says:

    @DoubleDoubleEveryday LOL nice!

  9. DoubleDoubleEveryday says:

    But I think it was more caused by the suprise of it. Just think you’re walking by yourself with your head down, you look up and there’s three guys with jerseys on, I think in my head “Go Leafs Go”, and then I’m like “That kind of looks like Kaberle, wait a minute, holy shit, that’s is Kaberle, Komisarek and Stajan too, in a construction zone?”

  10. DoubleDoubleEveryday says:

    @Nicollie1062 Well I’m a hardcore Leafs fan, and saw three Leafs players (Matt Stajan, Mike Komisarek, Tomas Kaberle) on the other side of a chain-link fence while I was cutting through a construction zone type area. They were doing a promotional thing and were waiting to be announced. I stood there 30 feet away from them, stopped in my tracks and shocked. All three of them looked at me, and I walked away instead of saying something. Pathetic, I got star-struck.

  11. saidknee1990 says:

    1:08 SO EXCITEDDD!!!!!! thumbs up!!

  12. saidknee1990 says:


  13. ROBLOXovicarlson says:


  14. eastenderticats14 says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson agreed

  15. Nicollie1062 says:

    cute kids :) and awesome line : we’re with the internet!! haha that made my day now. Honestly though, I could not imagine swarming any of my favourite hockey players like people usually do. Which sort of sucks, because I would really like to get an autograph from a few of them for my son. But there’s absolutely no way in the world I will ever run up to somebody, or chase them down, or anything like that. *sigh* my son’s on his own in that sense lol

  16. xerinxlynnx says:

    @gthyhtujjuk Seriously, those are little kids. Cursing is not needed here. Let them be.

  17. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    Ikr? I’m a Caps/Ovi fan but I still applaud these children! No offence to Wings or Flyers fans, but Caps fans have more class.

  18. frankyw729 says:

    @MrIcedogs44 if this a fag then i’d be glad to be one.. you pissed cuz your not gettin a shirt signed by crosby? im sure you are. these kids are awesome in my book..

  19. NitricNation says:

    u should have asked him how a dick in his ass feels

  20. mindlessflocks says:

    “we are with the internet” i love it.

  21. MrIcedogs44 says:

    haha wat fags

  22. KrankesDasein says:

    “We’re with the internet!” is possibly the most desperate line I’ve ever heard.

    But I fucking love it.

  23. laurenxo87 says:

    “well not exactly an interview ” haha funny

  24. laurenxo87 says:

    @arcassells why are you surprised

  25. mochaponyxxoo says:

    you guys are awesome

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