Lets go pens: A tribute

This is an awesome pittsburgh penguins slideshow made on a mac.

8 Responses to “Lets go pens: A tribute”

  1. cwuensc5 says:

    ah bendel this was great dude ms. kings

  2. cbend888 says:

    this was beast but you need a little work

  3. bmac2496 says:

    nice vid chris

  4. pensfan1012 says:

    dude this is gr8
    lets go pens
    win da cup

  5. MissCrosby1987 says:

    awesome vid.
    nice win tonight pens!!
    GO PENS..
    detroit+pittsburgh=finals… pittsburgh for the cup.

  6. cbend888 says:

    its not supposed to be a video, but its a sweet slideshow.

  7. bpbenchwarmer32 says:

    Lets go Pens!!!!!!!!! Bring Home the cup.

  8. superstar16602 says:

    making pictures move in a slideshow isnt a video

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