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Jordan Staal SH Goal

December 13th 2006 in a 8-4 win over Philadelphia. Overshadowed by Sidney Crosby's 6 point night.

17 Responses to “Jordan Staal SH Goal”

  1. DANGLEthenSNIP3 says:

    pwned GO PENS

  2. TheT4xid3rmist says:

    This was one of the most fun games to watch.

  3. brut619 says:

    true dat

  4. brut619 says:

    staal is the shit

  5. TyranosauRoss says:

    pittsburgh whoopin philly’s ass; what else is new…

  6. ibreathhockey949 says:

    amazing goal

  7. lrjh148 says:

    that was 1 play of the week

  8. rjonesy8 says:

    amazing goal but your right it was overshadowed

  9. mitchmanny3 says:

    freakin awesome!

  10. TheRock193 says:

    Amazing goal… classy way to celebrate.

  11. trevfrank says:

    holy fuck that was amazing

  12. qtmunchkin022 says:

    That was an amazing goal!!!! Definitely the best goal of that game, and he stole some of the spotlight from Sid’s 6 point night!

  13. canucksfan71 says:

    absolute beauty

  14. lbwmobster says:

    What a way to cap off that game. That was nuts.

  15. bobcatnation says:


  16. carsonandrew says:


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