Jordan Staal is Gronk

Nickname: The Gronk

25 Responses to “Jordan Staal is Gronk”

  1. MsJJ4ever says:

    omg i love him sooo much !

  2. nataliehitchcox778 says:

    @cheerleader5293 me too!

  3. duffmaiden says:

    Hes a big lanky force out there

  4. nataliehitchcox778 says:

    @Sandra872971 me too!

  5. spgcbfsgal says:

    omg!!! i love staal!!!!

  6. nataliehitchcox778 says:


  7. cheerleader5293 says:

    Aww Colby! :( I miss him!

  8. xxVeronica92xx says:

    finally Colby can help the leafs get some cooler nicknames that doesn’t end with a ie at the end :P

  9. usernamemum says:

    @sir200sx hahaa yeh i find this funny as well because i call this kid in my class a gronk and he goes crazy!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  10. sir200sx says:

    LMAO in australia a gronk is how we swear at somone

  11. goofyswimmer123 says:

    I love Jordan! <3
    Let’s Go Pens!!!

  12. contortionbeauty says:

    Yeahh Gronk.

  13. steventylerfan123 says:

    … Army :'(

  14. mspipeline05 says:

    I really miss Army

  15. PensPittsburgh says:

    i love maxiie

  16. PR0UDCANADIAN87 says:

    Hahah Max and Colby
    Funny guys <3

  17. Jem93rocks says:

    I see a resemblance…jus kidding. :P

  18. RenoZemrak says:

    they look nothing alike

  19. thimblesandkisses says:

    lol i like the music

  20. MullyFilm says:

    Surprised Talbot’s nickname isn’t Toolbot. Considering he’s the biggest douche bag on the Penguins….oh wait thats a tie between Cooke and Crosby. My bad.

  21. rap3st says:

    my nick name is fuck off

  22. Sandra872971 says:

    I miss Army!!!

  23. 25superstarpudding58 says:

    I miss Bugsy

  24. Alex49railfan says:

    My nick name is Raccon

  25. TheMrcrimson says:

    wot a gronkus

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