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Joe Louis Arena Explodes! Red Wings Win Stanley Cup! 2008 Five-dollar fans at Joe Louis Arena explode into jubilation as the Detroit Red Wings win the 2008 Stanley Cup over the Pittsburgh Penguins. The actual game was played in Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. http

25 Responses to “Joe Louis Arena Explodes! Red Wings Win Stanley Cup! 2008”

  1. holt2k says:

    With regards to the Caps fans on here, Ovie will win you guys a Cup before it’s all said on done. He’s probably my 3rd favorite player in the league (behind Pavel and Hank, of course). Nothing but respect for Caps fans ever since they treated Konstantinov with respect after the 1998 Finals.

  2. AftComet says:

    As a Leaf’s fan from Toronto, Detroit is my second favorite team and a team I will always respect.

  3. Bernsy says:

    I was there. Joe vision is the best because you get to party with everyone just like a home game afterwords.

  4. tynalex77 says:

    i beg for god to let me go to one of these games

  5. techhydro says:

    again i shed a tear magical season

  6. deovalente says:

    Apparently some people are just unable to put two and two together. I dunno, I was able to figure out immediately that this was a game on the jumbo screen.

  7. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    omg….even after 11 of these cups, the crowd STILL goes wild!

    When the caps win the stanley, I CAN’T imagine Verizon Center O_O

  8. TUdaToken says:

    @pokemonbreeder18 hell yeah it was, 9,000 people as loud as 20,000 there, almost i went to game 2 that year and joevision that game on the vid

  9. joshman783 says:

    I was there! the most fun ive ever had in my life for real

  10. Crymson1 says:

    @GarageDoorMan55 Because HNIC is far superior to NBC in quality of coverage. NBC = Nothing But Crosby.

  11. hockeydue says:

    @vaughnlowery yea brother! best place to watch a hockey game!

  12. pokemonbreeder18 says:

    its funny b/c its not even a full house and that place is ROCKIN

  13. awsears94 says:

    This looks amazing. This is added to the list of things to do in my life.

  14. 1shaggy24 says:

    That is insane

  15. bishoppx says:

    @markpag1117 lmao. it’s weird hearing that from a pens fan (delivered more headshots than any other team).

  16. plomoe666 says:

    @Moonshiner14 you guys should try it out in the igloo joe vision is cool because not everyone can afford to go to the games but you can get pretty close with joe vision its fun as hell..

  17. vaughnlowery says:

    i love detroit

  18. ghostsintheforum says:

    because the nbc announcer sucks

  19. GarageDoorMan55 says:

    was that the hockey night in canada feed? why didn’t they show the NBC feed?

  20. jakejackjoe says:

    i wish i was there for joevision that night…

    wings ftw!

  21. mongopojk says:

    haha detroit= sweden and datsyuk,osgood xD

  22. SportDogg2008 says:

    dam does detroit know how 2 party after we won the stanley cup!!!! GO DETROIT RED WINGS LET BRING THAT CUP BACK 2 DETROIT :)

  23. dude58677 says:

    “The horn sounds and the Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup”


  24. dude58677 says:

    Perfect prediction.

  25. LetsgoPitt58 says:

    I think Max Talbot begs to differ

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