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Jackie Evancho singing The National Anthem NHL 2011 Winter Classic in HD

Here is Jackie singing The National Anthem from Heinz Field 2011 Winter Classic in HD. Fantastic as only Jackie can do.

25 Responses to “Jackie Evancho singing The National Anthem NHL 2011 Winter Classic in HD”

  1. SiobhansNo1Fans says:

    @UToobdad Thats excatlly what i was thinking!!! why would they show the people and the players, when Jackie is singing, the camera guy is goofy

  2. yodelingfan says:

    I don’t mean to sound like a hater, but when she said ‘free’ it sounded like ‘fur’ just with a ton of vibrato. Am I crazy or did anyone else notice that? But she really does have lots of potential. I hope she have a great voice teacher so she can learn more and reach her full potential.

  3. Countnubula says:

    5 people have no life!

  4. mariostar1 says:

    She is such an amazing singer at that young age. She can go no other way BUT forward!

  5. CaptRhett1 says:

    The WORLD,… No, Make that the UNIVERSE, is Lucky to have Jackie !!! I am an Old Man (76) and you are an Inspiration to me, I can’t listen to your performances without getting blurred vision from tears of joy. Please, please, please— Stay as sweet and pure as you are.

  6. wojciechzby says:

    @Donaldho123 Twas not booing, I hear YEAH !!!!

  7. debpetzold says:

    Just inredibly awesome as ever! Way to go, Jackie! :)

  8. UToobdad says:

    @Donaldho123 If people were booing Jackie, I hope another of Pittsburgh’s Iron Curtain took them outside and put the hurt on them. But at first it sounded like people were making some noise, then the booing. So maybe the booing was a way of saying “shut up so we can hear our Princess of Pittsburgh sing.” I dont know, just a thought. I do wish the camera had remained on her though. We did not need to see the players or the fans since they are there for the whole game. That was Jackie’s time.

  9. TheHankamer says:

    If anyone noticed Jackie sang acappella(no music). To me this shows what an incredible talent she is.

  10. cureloms says:

    Pittsburgh is so lucky to have Jackie!

  11. Donaldho123 says:

    1:08 to 1:13 at around their if you really listen closely.. you can hear booing? No one boos at Jackie!!!!

  12. tunanorth says:

    Jackie is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and [understandably] Pittsburgh’s “favorite daughter” these days.
    *IF* they make it to the Super Bowl, they might actually request that she sing there.

  13. wonderfuljaylen says:

    oh my god!!! Can not believe she is only 10 years!!! She looks and sings like an angel!!!
    Never have been touched by someone singing a national anthem.. But here i got goose pimples….

  14. dougbrewerd says:

    Just astounding and grounded girl.

  15. xxxtexanpa says:

    What an important National Treasure Jackie Evancho is. Thank you Jackie for a perfect National Anthem.

  16. scotsman61 says:

    A clear respectful traditional beautiful way to sing our national anthem presented by one of the torch bearers of music revival in America.

  17. bighforu says:

    @Velo222able So far the National Anthem singer is still TBA. (to be announced), so she may still have a chance. You never know.. :0)

  18. Velo222able says:

    @bighforu I agree with what everyone who responded to my comment is saying. The only thing I’ll add is that I think Jackie would be a great choice to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl as well, but it’s probably already booked, unfortunately.

  19. deuce8pro says:

    She wasnt nominated unfortunately.

  20. rsaba206 says:

    Is the Super Bowl Next? Please tell me YES!!!

  21. rsaba206 says:

    Does anyone know how you vote on the up comming, “People’s Choice Awards”?
    If she doesn’t deserve it, no one does. She is one in a million!

  22. bighforu says:

    @Velo222able According to Jackie’s mom, Jackie couldn’t hear herself over the crowd and started in the wrong key.
    During rehearsal the day before, she sang in the key of G and had no problem hitting the high note.
    Before the game she started in the key of A which over extended her range.
    She said she wasn’t sure if Jackie was going to do the high note, but I guess she decided to ‘go for it’ anyway.

    Still, all in all, I think it was a great performance considering the conditions.

  23. deuce8pro says:

    Also, she couldnt hear herself from what her Mother wrote with all the crowd noise when she sung that high note.

  24. musicnaturelover1 says:

    Jackie is an extraordinary young singer…the best in the world.

  25. wojciechzby says:

    I admit, “traumatic stress” is too much of licencia poetica. But still: being 10 years old, live on national TV, all alone in font of thousands of people requesting a miracle, in cold, in spotlight: it’s hard to imagine higher stress levels. That’s a good experience for her; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    Thanks for taking me down from my cloud.

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