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it’s your time;; pittsburgh penguins

Song - Fly by Hilary Duff ***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** All video and audio clips are property of their respective owners. I do not own any of the the material used to make this video--it is simply fan made!!!

22 Responses to “it’s your time;; pittsburgh penguins”

  1. HaieFan94 says:

    @JordanStaalxlover11 Thanks ;)

  2. JordanStaalxlover11 says:

    @HaieFan94 yea, it’s crushcrushcrush by paramore

  3. HaieFan94 says:

    the Song beginning 3:40 is it a new song or belongs it to Fly?

  4. roberthesterphoto says:

    @papasuito Get used to that around here since her husband, Mike Comrie, is now a Pittsburgh Penguin!

  5. Eklectykscorpio says:

    I loved when Talbot started that fight to change the momentum of the game…then the subtle shush finger to the lips! genius!

  6. doubled8232001 says:

    Nice one! Keeping it fresh with this stanley cup tee at
    myfreshfactory. com

  7. Gibbygirl87 says:

    I LOVE SIDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. mkaypittsburghchamps says:

    this is sweet
    i think it was sick how much the pens improved last season they really earned the cup
    lets go pens!

  9. mkaypittsburghchamps says:

    its not like girls dont play hockey thoughh

  10. JordanStaalxlover11 says:

    glad ya liked it :)

  11. dsulli8 says:

    nice lol
    good comeback

  12. JordanStaalxlover11 says:


  13. pens4life8771 says:

    it works so well!!!!

  14. papasuito says:

    im saying it in distaste fucko

  15. JordanStaalxlover11 says:

    congrats for pointing that out genius

  16. papasuito says:

    hillary duff and ice hockey??

  17. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    i watched this because i was bored and i needed entertained,
    it worked !
    awesome job :D

  18. 71ilovesidandgeno87 says:

    omggg love thiss !!!! penss are gonna kill the wings tuesday !! :)

  19. koolaidkid08 says:

    woaaaaaaaah! love it!

  20. jumac80 says:

    yaaaaaa babbbyy <3
    love the videoo love :)
    and tuesday is gonna rock my socksss
    : D

  21. HawksHockey1926 says:

    Great video!
    GO PENS!

  22. sidneycrosbylvr152 says:

    awesome!!!!! <3
    man last night sucked i really hope we win tuesday!!

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