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Inside Penguins Hockey – Santa Fleury (Air Date 12-26-2009) Part 2

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10 Responses to “Inside Penguins Hockey – Santa Fleury (Air Date 12-26-2009) Part 2”

  1. mav51063 says:

    I’d like Marc-Andre or Crosby under my tree for Christmas!!! :)

  2. fireangel240 says:

    aww. Flower’s so generous. (‘:
    I love it when he says he loves to block Sid’s shots cause they yell at each other. :D & when he says he doesn’t like playing hockey video games as himself, cuz he gets mad when he lets in a goal, ahas! :D
    Gotta love Flower! <3 he’s so adorable & such an amazing guy. :]

  3. Madaquamoon says:

    what stubborn little kids! even if i did already have it.. i still would have taken it! it was handded out for you from the FLOWER!!!! how could you not! fleury is so nice and funny! cares so mmuch about thier fans as all pens players do! lolz. i fell out my seat at this part..
    ” who is hard to stop at practice?”
    ” Oh, sid.. he gets made when i block his shot!”
    ” really? sid?? he actually gets mad on the ice/”
    “Yup” i almost died laughing at that part1 go flower power,33

  4. pensfanluver says:

    i no!!!!!!!!! i think their lil bratz! i woulda luv to meet him

  5. taythomas300 says:

    ahah i remember that and in this video hes like taking his time answering that

  6. 4merF says:

    Those kids in the front could have showed a little more appreciation….I would not be impressed if they were my kids! Some manners would be nice, eh?!!! :/


  7. kellyhrtsacting89 says:

    he is such a good sport :)!!! bravo MAF you just made my day :)

  8. lawrencetimmons94 says:


    And at 0:40 I remember the answer to CBC -> “I was like Oh shit”

  9. Sid87Pens1 says:

    This made my day so much brighter! I adore MAF! He is such a great guy! Thanks for posting!

  10. penshockeyluv3r says:

    haha the one kid doesn’t want that present! hahah

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