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Inside Penguins Hockey – Santa Fleury (Air Date 12-26-2009) Part 1

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9 Responses to “Inside Penguins Hockey – Santa Fleury (Air Date 12-26-2009) Part 1”

  1. flower2930 says:

    awwww he is soooooooooooo adorable!!! and SOO HOT!!! :DD

  2. Madaquamoon says:

    i have noticed… fleury really like McDonalds! he always talks about it! lolz. dont worry fleury.. doesnt everyone! lolz. Gotta love him. he is so nice and funny. love him so much!

  3. CrosbysCanadianGirl says:

    flower is just the best ever ! :D

    gotta love this guy !

  4. supastah2345 says:

    wow these kids are asking better questions than some of the adults usually do.

  5. iheartclarkent says:

    lol Flower, he’s too adorable

  6. suzie137 says:

    My nephew is the one who asks Fleury who is the hardest to face in a shoot out! THanks for putting this on here!!

  7. FanPenguins says:

    He is the best and doing this proves it! Thank you for loading the video!

  8. chesterfield123654 says:

    Ah He is so funny :-D

  9. elfanzo95 says:

    ha the flower is so cool lol

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