Inside Penguins Hockey – Max Talbot and Marc Andre Fleury pt 3.


14 Responses to “Inside Penguins Hockey – Max Talbot and Marc Andre Fleury pt 3.”

  1. 19davve says:

    Marc andre fleury!!!!! owns

  2. Angel102685 says:

    I love Marc-Andre Fleury’s accent

  3. goofyswimmer123 says:

    all his touchy-feely thing is fun…
    do you want to add to that?
    no, i’ll leave it at that.

    HAHAHAHAHA i love them!

  4. marissacrosbyy says:

    whats doughnuts?

  5. davidcourtneyx says:

    “You know, all his little… touchy-feeling, you know, so it’s fun.”

  6. rPENSmoyerFAN says:

    HAHAHA! he is so funny!
    That’d be cool to see.

  7. rPENSmoyerFAN says:

    Flower: I don’t like one on one dates with Dany.

    Love it! the Penguins are such good guys, and are soooo funny!

  8. rPENSmoyerFAN says:

    Marc-Andre has such long legs.
    I never noticed untill he kicked him. WOW. :)

  9. bearsgirl01 says:

    could u upload the other episode from last year of them when they were at dicks sporting goods with max and MAF if u have it…….thanxs

  10. ohkayyfolkss says:

    he seems to do that a lot!

  11. kissinabush says:

    When i met MAF he was doing doughnuts in his porsche haha

  12. jennafleury29 says:

    ahahah “No, i don’t like those one on one dates with danny…..its too creepy.”

  13. jennafleury29 says:

    marc-andre….. ilove it!

  14. dsulli8 says:

    marc & max rock ‘em sock ‘em robots!!!!
    lol they r funny!!!!
    luv them!

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