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Inside Penguins Hockey – Marc Andre Fleury and Max Talbot

Marc Andre Fleury is describing how he stuffed himself into Colby Armstrong's equipment bag after a practice at a live taping of Inside Penguins Hockey.

25 Responses to “Inside Penguins Hockey – Marc Andre Fleury and Max Talbot”

  1. silybilly899 says:

    fleury is mine he is soo cute and i love his accent only cuz i can understand it CUZ i canadian
    love u fleury wit all mi heart

  2. Mmonk3y says:

    @xboxplaya420 first i read u wrote GO PENIS

  3. xboxplaya420 says:

    just bought a new fleury jersey GO PENS

  4. heartheart47 says:


  5. Patrick3465 says:


  6. m0rt3m3r says:

    fleurys the best and coolest netminder

  7. rPENSmoyerFAN says:

    “Who’s idea was that?”
    ” Uhhh, mine.”
    hahaha, the pens players are awesome!

  8. hurleyskateava says:

    waht a tank. i love him

  9. PittsburghPensRule says:

    Flower is the best goalie ever!

  10. Presidentjh says:

    Superstar and the ninja, awesomeness!

  11. pens29hockey48fan25 says:

    haha that was an amazing game to watch!
    marc andre and max are amazing
    they both seem to have amazing personalitys:)
    GO PENS!

  12. kscully95 says:

    you know it!

  13. Cassidyy619 says:

    hm? shutout today over the rangers?

  14. StivH66 says:

    BEAVER FACE!!! LOL, Douche goalie on an over-rated team. 2-8 in last ten games. OUCH.

  15. dsulli8 says:

    marc is HILARIOUS
    i <3 him so much
    and max

  16. Passskal says:

    that’s called great chemistry and team spirit

  17. MCRandA7X4life says:

    I wish I could find that in my hockey bag. All I ever found was equipment :(

  18. crosbyandgenoluvers says:

    haha! that is great! The Penguins ROCKED the house this year! Good Job boys you had a great season!

  19. nickjlove02 says:


  20. sundaymonster says:

    That’s six feet, two inches of pure goalie stuffed inside a hockey bag. XD

    Part-time contortionist? PERHAPS.

  21. aquagirl3601 says:

    lol i luv fleury! he’s so funny =P

  22. AndyHurleysChicklet7 says:

    ahahahaha!!!! XP

  23. vampiregirl2350 says:

    tee hee! this video is so funny.
    i love marc andre fleury.

  24. turner2111 says:

    ta yeule la plotte a puck

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